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The Home Remedies, methods of natural healing, Traditional Asian Remedies and other natural remedies on this site are excellent alternatives to many over the counter and prescription drugs.

In addition, you`ll find remedies for mind, spiritual remedies and natural healing methods for emotions to achieve complete balance.


  • Powerful Home Remedies from Asia and around the World - that work!

  • Herbal Remedies, natural nutritional supplements, meal plans, and food preparations for special ailments, skin conditions, pain and more...

  • Fitness tips and diet tips that have made Japan the healthiest nation on the planet, with the most centenarians and the lowest obesity rates.

While good food and nutrition, exercise, and the right herbs and spices can be the best first choice for many ailments, we have found that underlying emotional, relational and spiritual issues are often at play, causing the body to react in ways that only appear to be physical.

In addition there are other issues that often go over looked...such as bad electrical waves from electronics, negative spiritual energy, shallow breathing, failure to quiet the mind, among others. All these things can cause a myriad of problems, from headaches, to sleeplessness, to the many stress related illness`s.

Beyond food and herbs are many good home remedies for these issues.

To be a truly one stop resource of home remedies we attempt to provide

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quality information regarding these topics. It is only when you achieve a state of balance you will be symptom free.

Achieving balance requires addressing spiritual issues along with physical nutrition... quiet meditation and reflection along with physical exercise and deep breathing, and also includes emotional and relational balance with self, friends and family.

For this reason we also offer....
  • Spiritual Remedies, teachings, quotes and prayer from around the world to help you regain balance and connection.

  • Meditation and deep breathing techniques for mind and body.

  • Mother Nature`s secret treasures... stones, gems, magnets, music, aroma therapy and much more...

  • The oportunity for you the reader to offer your tips, advice and personal testimonies on our Community Board. Its easy and doesn`t require any registration or membership, so be sure to pay it forward and take advantage of this great tool!

Home Remedies and Traditional Medicine are gaining World Popularity because for many, they are real and effective!
Try for yourself and decide!

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Why use natural remedies?
When we can easily get pills and potions for any ill at the local Super Center,
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why should we worry about using some strange concoction of crushed herbs or food preparations or some strange medicinal tea?

While over the counter medication may temporarily relieve your symptoms, home remedies will work with the body to improve your general health by boosting the immune system and giving it added energy and nutrition along with helping to relieve the symptoms and aid the body to more quickly and more effectively heal. Learn more about  Natural Remedies

Getting the Doctors Advice
Only Drugs Cure!

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Is this the sentement where you live? In many countries today it is mandated by law that only western or modern drugs can make any claims to cure and that only those trained and licensed in western medicine can treat or diagnose illness and disease.

We want to clearly indicate that we strongly recommend seeking the advice of a doctor or health care professional before using these or any home remedies. Many herbs, plants and other natural remedies can have powerful effects and you need to properly understand them with regard to your particular situation. Your health is always your responsibility and you should seek to make informed decisions about it.

In Japan both "Kanpo Yaku", (natural or chinese medicine) and "Allopathic", (modern or western medicine), are both still highly regarded. Often at hospitals you can choose which style to be treated with or a combination of both. In most cases health insurance will cover either or both.

To learn more on where we stand on this issue... Doctors Advice
Also be sure to read our... Disclaimer

The healthiest country on the planet and their secrets you need to know!
home remedies by kaz and mark
Japan is the second largest economy in the world, just behind America. Many live in Tokyo, the biggest city in the world with all the stress that goes with big city life. It is still a common tradition for business men to go out together drinking every night. Smoking is still a cultural norm. Ten hour work days together with 3 hour round trip commutes are common place.

With all that being true, how is it that in every study done for the last 50 years,  Japan has come out on top as the healthiest country
tokyo city
in the world? The women are world famous for having smooth, youthful skin well into middle age. As a Nation we continue to have the lowest obesity and breast cancer rates. Among the lowest rates of heart disease and diabetes. And we have the most centenarians and the longest life expectancy of any country in the world.

Hello everyone. I am Kazuko, the lady in the picture above, together with my husband Mark.

Smoking, drinking and overworking are not healthy habits and not something I condone. But it does go to show that even  without a perfect lifestyle, you can be healthy. Many of Japans traditions are what has kept our country as a whole, the healthiest culture on the planet.   Those same traditions can help you.

Allow me to be your guide to  Japanese  health secrets and the home remedies that will get you feeling good again.

Are you a M.E.S.S. ?
spiritual remedies
is an acronym for mental, emotional and spiritual stress. If you are a mess, you may be experiencing separation from heavens love and blessings and earths energy and abundance.

This sites entire premise is that there is a God of creation, (by any other name is still the same...), and that with-in that creation are all the necessary components to health, happiness and abundant living.

We will try to represent several of the spiritual and religous paths one might take to reaquaint themselves with God, the spiritual world and the spirit with-in.

We believe that this spiritual path is an important part of home remedies not usually addressed elsewhere.

We firmly believe that spirituality, faith in God and time spent in meditation and prayer are important aspects of health and healing and a powerful home remedy for many of today`s ails and ills.

Learn more about Spiritual Remedies as important Home Remedies

Advice and Opinions

  • Useful opinions from the author of this site - a Japanese woman and former professional dancer and stage performer in Japan who has used these idea`s for years.
  • An American perspective from my husband, the co-author of this site. Learn how using these idea`s he lost 80lbs, (36kg), increased his energy, acheived deep sleep after years of waking multiple times during the night, and rid himself of skin rashes he had for years!
Want to ask a question? Have a tip or advice for others? Want to volunteer for prayer groups or other forms of distant healing?
As part of our community you can ask questions, give your own useful home remedies and reviews, ask for prayer and other forms of distant healing, or volunteer for prayer groups or offer your own distant healing or spiritual practices for the benefit of others.

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The acronyms M.E.S.S. and Toast and Jam are the original idea`s of the authors of this site. They and all content on this site are fully protected under copyright law.


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