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Knowing of acid reflux remedies is very useful, as all of us are susceptible to the discomfort brought on by heartburn. It is estimated that more than forty percent of us will suffer from acid reflux symptoms periodically during our life-time. It is very alarming that so few people know the causes and treatments of this condition, despite the huge number of those who suffer from it. Just below you will find a number of excellent kitchen and other natural heartburn remedies that can relieve symptoms and over time may even eliminate this condition.

Start with these simple acid reflux remedies. Chewing gum after each meal helps produce saliva which is then swallowed. Saliva helps digestion and reduces excess acid. Cinnamon gum is recommended but you can choose any kind except mint, as it can irritate the condition.

Acid reflux cures bring lasting relief.
acid reflux remedies
We all know that smoking is bad for our lungs. You may not be aware however, that smoking also hurts your stomach and digestive track. It inhibits digestion and reduces acids in the stomach. It also reduces the production of saliva which aids proper digestion and reduces excess acid. Quitting smoking is of course difficult. But it is worth the effort and one of the best acid reflux remedies you can do.

If you are suffering from heartburn at night you should slightly raise your head so it is elevated above your bodies position. If you have an adjustable mattress then you can use it as your night time acid reflux solution. If your mattress is not adjustable then you can achieve the same result with an acid reflux pillow or wedge. Which ever of these methods you use, it is recommended that you raise you head about 4 to 8 inches above your bodies position.

Try eating smaller meals more often rather than fewer larger meals. Take the time to chew you food very well and be in a relaxed state when you eat. Take the time to notice what you are eating. Truly taste and chew your food. These gerd remedies may seem to simplistic, but the truth is that we have lost touch with the true purpose of food. We eat for boredom and emotional comfort rather than for nutrition and energy.

We often eat on the run and inhale our food rather than chewing and enjoying it. Changing these habits are among the most crucial of your acid reflux remedies. Raw, unpasteurized honey is great for acid reflux relief. Make the effort to include honey into your daily diet. This home remedy has many benefits including acid reflux symptoms.

If gerd becomes constant and unbearable then you should see you doctor. Surgery could be the acid reflux solution for severe conditions. We believe that most can find relief with natural remedies. But when any condition is chronic or severe or last more than a few days, then you should always consult a health care professional to make sure something more serious is not the cause.

It may not bring much comfort knowing that huge amounts of people suffer from acid reflux and gerd. But it may be comforting to know there are natural acid reflux remedies that can relieve and reduce symptoms, and in some cases eliminate them. Use these remedies and let us know how they worked for you. If you have other recommendations be sure to tell us about them.

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