Arthritis home remedies work great!

Arthritis home remedies can get you feeling better, naturally.

  • In the morning one teaspoon of finely grated ginger root into a cup of hot water and drink as a tea and again in the late afternoon to reduce inflammation and increase circulation.

  • Drink green tea cold or hot, throughout the day. Numerous studies have found that the polyphenols and antioxidants found in green tea can both prevent the onset of arthritis as well as reduce symptoms for those who already suffer from it by reducing inflammation.

  • Cut out wheat products. Gluten, a protein in wheat, often triggers allergies that can increase the severity of the attacks.

  • Get a winning hand every time guaranteed with A.C.E.S. high. Antioxidants can reduce free radicals, reducing cellular damage to cartilage around painful joints. Vitamin A: 5,000 IU a day, Vitamin C: 1,000 mg a day, Vitamin E: 400 IU a day, and Selenium 150 mcg a day.

  • Many of the oils we use today are just horrible for increasing inflammation. Cut out the corn oils and margarine's and replace these with olive oil and coconut oil. Also start taking a teaspoon of flaxseed oil a day and eating cold water fish two to three times a week to increase omega 3 fatty acids.

  • Include cherries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries to your daily diet. The flavonoids in berries increase fatty acids which lessen swelling and aid muscle tissue. Among their many benefits, onions and garlic can absorb toxins that can irritate joint tissues.

  • Also increase your intake of fiber which also absorbs toxins in the body that exacerbates arthritis pain. Celery is also another great anti-inflammatory. Three to four stalks a day will go a long way to reducing arthritic attacks, their severity and duration.

  • Take a 1,000 milligrams 3x`s a day of Evening Primrose, (an essential oil easily attainable at any health food store), will give you added "GLA" which eases pain in joints. It is often recommended to take much higher doses of GLA for arthritis pain, but as doing so can come with side effects, higher doses should only be taken under the supervision of a doctor or health care practitioner.

  • Cayenne peppers have natural pain numbing components. A compound called capsaicin, blocks pain signals from the brain and increases production of endorphins, a natural pain killer. You can include more chili peppers and powder in your diet and you can place some in hot water and steep to soak hand in for pain. Steep at least ten minutes. Water should be hot enough for a relaxing hand soak.

  • If you are over weight or obese, losing unneeded fat can aid in reducing symptoms of arthritis. Fat holds toxins in the body add to inflammation. In addition, the added weight gives added wear and tear on the joints. For every 10 lbs of extra fat you increase your chances of arthritic conditions and their severity by 30%.

  • Take 400 milligrams of "SAM-e" everyday. It increases proteoglycans in the blood and has been found to preserve cartilage.

  • Some studies suggest eliminating all meat and dairy from your diet except cold sea water fish and turkey. If you really want to see some improvement, try this for six months as one of your natural cures for arthritis and see if there is improvement. You are likely to see it helps in many ways including the reduction of chronic pain from arthritis.

  • An Australia study has shown that wearing a copper bracelet along with the ginger tea mentioned earlier has a greater effect on pain reduction then taking aspirin or other over the counter pain relievers. Add garlic several times a week into your diet and see a big difference.

  • As one of your arthritis home remedies we highly recommend the following aromatherapy: add 7 drops of rosemary and 7 drops of chamomile essential oils to 4 oz of olive oil and apply to area of pain.

  • For hydrotherapy as one of your arthritis home remedies we recommend adding 12 drops of chamomile with 12 drops of lavender to your bath water water and enjoying a relaxing, therapeutic bath. Add some soft music and you will feel the stress and pain leave your body and relaxation will settle in its place.

  • For arthritis home remedies we highly recommend magnet therapy. In Japan several studies have shown significant results by using magnetic mattresses and bracelets. Those who use the mattresses slept better and had a great reduction in chronic pain. For the most effective use of this therapy, you should use 3 weeks and take off 1 week.

    A must do for arthritis home remedies we recommend finding a spiritual faith of your choosing to be actively involved in. Faith and the interaction with others as part of your daily spiritual practices has shown to reduce stress, a major contributor of arthritis. Prayer and the belief in God and the spiritual world was shown to have a major and measurable improvement in total health of those that believed most.

Remember that illness is an imbalance of body, mind and spirit. When we align our trinity as one and give it the necessary nutrition, exercise, and spiritual practices we can return to a state of balance.

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