Artichoke Nutrition is a Girls best friend!

Artichoke nutrition and artichoke remedies can help restore the health of your liver, it protects against skin cancer and aids the skin in keeping it`s elasticity helping it look youthful, removes toxins from the body with the help of it`s high fiber content and has components which help the body fight heart disease and lowers risk of birth defects with folate.

Artichoke grows best in the hottest regions with the most sunshine. So it makes sense that this plant has components that help protect itself and us against skin cancer caused by sun exposure making artichoke remedies great for this condition. Artichoke which contains silymarin, a powerful antioxidant, is a remedy for protecting the skin from with-in.

It`s high fiber not only helps relieve and protect against constipation, but also aids the body in quickly removing toxins which could otherwise oxidize and become cancerous.

If you are trying to become pregnant or already are, then you will want to be sure to get plenty of folate. In the vitamin B family, folate, (also known as folic acid), has been shown in clinical studies to reduce the chance of birth defects. One medium artichoke contains 15% of the recommended daily intake.

Artichoke Nutrition for one medium size

  • Calories     50

  • Fat     .3 grams

  • Cholesterol     0 millgrams

  • Carbohydrates    12.2 grams

  • Protein    3.8 grams

  • Fiber    5.5 grams

  • Magnesium    74 milligrams

  • Folate    60 micrograms

  • Vitamin C    15 milligrams

Artichoke remedies shown useful for following condtions

Type 2 Diabetes | High Blood Pressure | High Cholesterol

Getting frozen or prepared versions of this fruit as well as cooking it can alter it`s nutrition. That doesn`t necessarily mean one way is better then another. Fresh artichoke will have more vitamin C, but often the frozen varity has more folate.

So if you find one way to be inconvenient, don`t be afraid to try frozen or prepared. Of course having fresh sometimes and perhaps frozen sometimes would be a good choice for including this important food into your regular diet.

It is our belief that illness most often comes as a consequence of an imbalance with body, mind and spirit. To bring balance we recommend eating whole, organic foods and fish, exercise, meditate, pray and practice a spiritual faith of your choosing.

The thousand mile journey always begins with the first step. Start your journey to a healthier you with these home remedies.

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