Asian Remedies have had a profoundly positive effect on me and family!

Asian Remedies have made a real difference for hundreds of millions of people around the world and can for you too.

Hello and welcome to my website about home remedies from Asia and around the world. My name is Kazuko. Many of my western friends call me Kaz.

asian remedies and about me

I want to take this time and tell you a little about me and why I started this site on Asian remedies. My English is not perfect, so if I use some poor grammar or have the occasional misspelling I hope you`ll over look it.

In my 20`s I was a professional dancer and stage performer here in Japan. I was never famous or rich but I did manage to work steady for 8 years doing what I most love to do. It all suddenly came to an end when I injured my knee and the doctor told me I would never be able to dance professionally again with out the risk of permanently disabling myself.

After two years of feeling sorry for myself, I one day looked in the mirror to find I had gained 30 lbs. On a 5`5" woman with a small frame it packed on in all the wrong places. So I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and got busy taking off the weight. I remembered many lessons about exercise from my dance days and before that being a swimming instructor.

Now however, I could only do low impact exercise because of my knee. I went to my mother who had always been into healthy cooking and my grandmother who was a professional chef and cooking instructor and asked them about some of the more traditional Japanese cooking that has made the Japanese the most healthy nation in the industrialized world.

I then started studying about herbs and natural medicine known as "Kanpo Yaku" in Japanese, and put together a plan and lost weight which included some special exercises along with many of the Asian remedies you will read about on this site. In addition to losing weight I really began to focus on being healthy. I learned about meditation and the benefits of daily deep breathing exercises. I learned to use food, herbs and nutrition along with simple low impact exercise and meditation to reach a true state of balanced health.

Spiritual Pursuits, Prayer, Spiritual Meditation and Faith are important Asian Remedies

I also found the need to nurture my spirit through daily spiritual practices such as prayer. I enjoy learning about Buddhism and Christianity among others. I also found it useful to get active in doing something that contributes to the world by joining with movements such as the Universal Peace Federation which promotes peace around the world. 

As part of my spiritual journey, I joined a church and movement called Unificationist. The Unification Church is for some a controversial movement, but not for me. It combines Christianity with Confucias and Buddhist teachings into a new religion meant to bring Unity between races, religions and countries. It seeks as a movement to bring peace and harmony between cultures and religions and ultimately to restore the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as intended in the Original Purpose of Creation.

before weightloss

One of it`s fundimental principles is that of a marriage between one man and one woman. For Unificationist it is more then just an institution of marriage sanctioned by God. But part of your devotion to God and his Original Purpose of Creation.

I participated in what is called a Marriage Blessing Ceremony. I was introduced and matched to an American man by the founder of Unificationism.. the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. This is based on the spiritual faith of the participants and the spiritual vision of the church`s founder.  We then spent the next year visiting each other and coresponding via phone and internet.

 While the ceremony is called a Marriage Blessing it is not an actual marriage. It is the matching of a couple based on spiritual conditions. After matching, the couples will usually spend one to three years corresponding before getting married and starting family life.

Finally, I went to visit Mark thinking it was just another visit, but when it was time for me to return to Japan we both didn`t want any more separation so Mark asked for my hand in eternal marriage and I said yes.

At the time I couldn`t speak more then a few words of English and of course he couldn`t speak Japanese. We are often asked how did we communicate if neither of us could speak the others language, but we really don`t know ourselves. It was one of those things that was meant to be and we believe it was God`s hand that brought us together.

Most importantly, my husband and I love each other profoundly. It is this True Love centered on God that has been the greatest healing remedy of all. Healing body, mind and spirit. True Love centered on God creates Miracles.

These Asian Remedies and Remedies from around the World have had a tremendously positive effect on my husbands many health issues.

My husband is a very kind man; he is smart, hard working and very gentle. But when we got married he weighed 330 lbs (150kg). I was all of 110lbs (49kg), exactly 1/3 his weight.

After being married awhile we both started talking about his health and decided to try some of my low impact exercises, healthy cooking and Asian remedies. Since then he has lost 90 lbs. He still has another 70 lbs to go to get to perfection, but if he never lost another pound he is ten times more healthy now, then before.

Often he wants to rush things, but I try to remind him that Mother Nature rarely moves quickly.

after weightloss
It is better that he become healthy then it is that he do some fast weight loss that leaves his body drained and out of balance which would almost certainly lead to the weight being regained.

Being over weight was not my husbands only problem. He had a skin rash on his leg that the doctor had already told him was do to malnutrition. He suffered headaches several times a week, some erectile dysfunction, couldn`t sleep more then a couple of hours without getting up and using the restroom and he suffered chronic fatigue syndrome.

For those of you who are looking to see if these Asian remedies can really help you, my husband is a great case study because of the many ailments he suffered. It took well over a year to really get control of many of those issues, but his skin rashes and jock itch are gone, he rarely gets a headache and when he does it is mild, he no longer has issues with erectile dysfunction, he now can sleep through the night without waking or feeling the need to use the restroom and we already mentioned his weight loss.

These Asian Remedies along with the other natural remedies from around the world given on this site... I believe really can help you regain balance to your state of health. If you give yourself complete nutrition with food and herbs, exercise several times a week, meditate and practice deep breathing along with practicing a spiritual faith of your choice, you really can regain a healthy, energized, happy state of balanced well-being.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. Why not make some of these great Asian remedies that first step...

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