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Asparagus nutrition is very high in the B vitamin folate which is critical for the protection against certain types of birth defects as well as the fight against heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer. This vegetable also has vitamin E and while it is in fairly small amounts, it is still useful in insuring you get enough of this essential nutrition.

Eating more asparagus helps fight against heart disease by keeping homocysteine levels low which protects the arteries that supply blood to the heart and brain. Consuming 400 - 500 micrograms of folate a day is believed to bring a tremendous reduction in the chance of heart disease.

As a cancer fighting food remedy this one of the best. In addition to folate which is believed to be a great deterant for cancer, it also contains a special protein that is a powerful anti-oxidant.

Asparagus contains more of this particular protein then any other vegetable. The combination of these two powerful nutritional components is believed by many to offer great protection against some types of cancer.

Asparagus Nutrition 5 spears

  • Calories 22

  • Carbohydrates 4 Grams

  • Cholesterol 0 milligrams

  • Fat 0 grams

  • Protein 2.5 Grams

  • Fiber 2.2 grams

  • Folate 112 micrograms

  • Vitamin E .5 International Units (I.U.)

To preserve the most nutrition it is best to steam or simmer on low heat. When possible, stand upright keeping the tips out of the water as this will preserve the greatest amount of nutrition.

We believe that many illnesses today come from an imbalance with the body, mind and spirit. To get balance between these elements that make the total you, we recommend you eat more whole foods and fish, less of other meats and processed foods, meditate, practice daily deep breathing, pray and actively practice a spiritual faith of your choosing.

Your thousand mile journey to health begins with the first step. Make the home remedies on this site your first step to a healthier you.

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