Asthma cures help you fight back against attack!

Asthma Cures get you breathing fast.

With all the claims of modern medicine and pharmacopoeia being the end all to medical treatment and cures... death from asthma has more then doubled since 1980.

Some asthmatics are on multiple inhalers. This can be very dangerous. One of the big problems with inhalers is that they dilate your breathing passages which helps you breath during an attack, but they often do so by inhibiting the elimination of congestion which is necessary for the body to breath in healthy levels of oxygen.

Many believe that asthma comes from a combination of allergies and inflammation as these two conditions most often accompany those with chronic asthma. An important factor, (we believe), to overcoming this condition is doing a body detox along with lifestyle changes that will strengthen your body and it`s immune function. There are natural herbal antispasmodics such as Lobelia and other herbs such as marshmallow root and comfrey root that are useful in rebuilding damaged lung tissue.

Please note that we are not doctors and do not diagnose, treat or cure disease or illness of any kind. The information here and on the rest of this site is our own personal opinion or the opinions of those that write into us. The use of the word cure is only as a useful reference and as a commonly searched keyword. All content here and on the rest of this site is offered strictly for informational use and purposes only. Your health is always your responsibility and you should always consult a health care professional before using these or any other natural cures or remedies.

Can Natural Asthma Cures help...You Decide!

More ACES Please!
Magnesium opens the airways of the lungs that get restricted during an asthma attack. Asthma is an inflammatory disease and free radicals increase in your body when ever there is inflammation. Vitamins A, C, E and the mineral Selinium all help fight free radicals. Potassium balances salt in the body which can help lower blood pressure and help reduce stress which is very helpful with reducing or eliminating asthma attacks. Eat more foods high in these nutrients and supplement for asthma cures.

Herbs are great Asthma Cures
While many of our remedies and natural cures are based on Asian or Chinese medicine and Ayurveda we also try to include good choices from around the world. A Native American remedy that has strong evidence of being very useful for asthma is the herb Lobelia. This herb is a respiratory stimulant, antispasmodic and a natural expectorant. For repairing damaged lung tissue marshmallow root, comfrey and chickweed are also useful herbs. Ginkgo has been successfully used for thousands of years for this condition.
Foods for Asthma Cures
Squash, dark greens and broccoli are high in vitamin C. Onions and garlic will boost your immune system. Cayenne peppers will aid thyroid function which controls basil temperatures and also thins mucus. Citrus fruits, cantaloupe and berries are high in Vitamin C and all fruits are good sources of important phytonutrients that help in all functions of a healthy body.

Adding more whole foods like fruits, vegetables and grains will not only give you many of the nutrients we mentioned, but will also add important fiber to your diet which will draw out toxins in the body that cause inflammation. In addition to the nutrition we already mentioned, getting 30 - 40 grams of fiber in your daily diet will get you feeling better fast. Olive oil among it`s other uses for natural health is also a great source for Vitamin E which is sometimes difficult to get enough of with out supplementing.

Asthma Cures from the Sea
Deep sea water fish that are high in Omega 3 oils are vital for those with asthma. I know from my American husband that fish is often frowned upon by many in the west unless it`s deep fried catfish with hush puppies and cole slaw, but learning to eat fish like mackerel, sardines, Alaskan tuna and salmon helps reduce inflammation in the body which in-turn will reduce symptoms of asthma.

 Sea vegetation such as nori, hijiki, wakame and dulse, are just a few of the seaweeds and sea vegetables that have kept the Japanese the healthiest, longest living culture of people in the industrialized world. Deep sea water fish and sea vegetation are great sources of protein, minerals and other natural components to keep you at your healthiest. Learn to include more of these in your regular diet.
Meditation and Deep breathing
Learning to calm down during times of stress and learning to better control breathing are very beneficial as asthma cures. Taking the time to practice meditation and deep breathing will help you learn to control your anxiety and the deep breathing exercises will help you learn to control your breathing and each time you do a session of deep breathing it will activate the natural processes in your lungs to expel some of the phlegm and mucus built up there.

During your meditation....after you take time to do your deep breathing... try some imagery. The mind is a powerful tool for healing. Learn to take time to imagine the healing energies of heaven, (or the cosmos... which ever helps you imagine best), are entering your body and the inflammation and other toxins are exiting with each breath.

Traditional Japanese foods that are great for Asthma Cures
Shitake mushrooms are used in Asian medicine as a blood cleanser and to reduce phlegm in the body. Yamaimo is a good source of vitamin C, potassium and calcium. If eaten raw it has useful enzymes which aid the body in better absorption of nutrients of all food eaten along with it.

Tofu, a favorite of Japan for close to 1500 years, is a rich source of magnesium. For other foods high in this important mineral look to spinach, okra and bean sprouts.

Natto,(Fermented soybeans), is full of helpful enzymes which will improve nutrient absorption which will aid in reduction of inflammation.

Nourish you Spirit for Improved Health
As much as many of us try to run away from having to think about our spirituality or religious beliefs there is no escaping the fact that those with deep seated beliefs in which they actively practice daily have over all improved health. New studies from Harvard University and others show clear evidence that those who have and practice a spirtiual faith of their choosing live longer, happier and healthier lives compared to those who don`t.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Make the natural remedies on this site that first step toward better health.

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