A body cleansing diet for renewed energy and health!

The Body Cleansing Diet is a necessary component to healthy living.

A good cleansing of the body is as important as a regular bath, or washing of your clothes. Imagine if you will, that you never did those things. What would your outside body and your clothes be like? It is no different with the inside of your body. If you never do a body cleansing diet to clean it out, it will be filled with the stench and filth of all of modern life's chemicals and toxins.

The oil in your car if you never change it, will break down and eventually will damage many other parts of the engine. The same is true if we don`t do a body cleansing diet.

At birth the inner lining of our intestines is pink and clean. Over time poor diet, stress, environmental toxins and a spiritual disconnect which leads to poor choices in all area`s of life lead to a colon that is caked with debris, swollen and functioning at only a fraction of its original design.

This in turn leads to an over growth of candida, the reduction of the bodies natural ability to absorb vitamins and minerals and begins to build a lining of debris that turns into plaque.

As this plaque builds, the passage way for fecal matter narrows making it increasingly harder to empty the bowel. Parasites, fungi and other abnormal bacteria begin to grow in over abundance and kill the friendly bacteria likes weeds in a garden that overtake the vegetables and fruit that were meant to grow there. When that happens the contents of the intestines putrefy and it generates harmful chemicals leading to toxic bowel syndrome (T.B.S.).

I frankly believe that to bring back a true and complete state of health we must realign ourselves with creation and the Creator. In the words of Leonard Ravenhill if you want to regain health...

 "Quit playing, start praying. Quit feasting, start fasting. Talk less with men, talk more with God. Listen less to men, listen to the words of God. Skip travel, start travail".

For those of you that are completely adverse to spiritual or religious pursuits you can of course follow only the herbal, diet and fasting recommended without the prayer or visualization, but while I am certain you will benefit with that, I am equally certain it will be to a lessor degree then those that pray, meditate and visualize as part of their body cleansing diet. Before any fast please consult a health care professional, especially if you are on medication or are of less then optimal health.

Steps for a Body Cleansing Diet
  • To begin a body cleansing diet, I recommend that you start with meditation, visualization and prayer and offer to God what you are doing and ask him to help your body release all the toxins in your body.

    Make sure that on the day before you begin a body cleansing diet that you are sure to not eat after midnight of the first day. Upon waking, sit on the side of the bed and breath deeply in through your nose raising your hands from your lap toward your heart while saying "I am alive" and then lowering your hands toward your lap breath out through your mouth and say " Thank you". Repeat this 4 times.

    Then gently place your hands on your lap with your palms facing up and your thumb and forefinger touching to allow your bodies energy to flow with out interruption. Imagine your self in a beautiful meadow with a gentle breeze, lots of beautiful flowers, birds gently singing and the sun warmly shining on you.

    Now tell God in your own words why you are beginning this cleansing and what you hope to gain from it. You don`t need to talk in any special way, just be yourself. Then tell him that you will do your portion of responsibility by doing your best and fasting, eating a healthy body cleansing diet, daily meditation, visualization and prayer and you ask that he bless your efforts with a cleansed body.

    Then when you finish your prayer take the time to imagine yourself doing all the things necessary to cleanse the body and then imagine that you have successfully completed the body cleansing diet and how great you feel. Imagine you are lighter, more energetic, more at ease with yourself and others and feel great. When you finish your visualization open your eyes and with determination say "Every day in every way I am getting better, better and better".

  • The first day of your body cleansing diet we recommend starting with a one day water fast. Some variations to this could be doing a fresh squeezed fruit juice fast, or a celery and water fast. I recommend the water fast as the best of the choices, however if its just too hard for you, the others are good choices too. So for the first day you will only drink water.

    Take a relaxing bath at the end of the day and place 10 drops of lavender essential oil in the bath water for a therapeutic end to your day. Before sleep tell God," thank you for helping you to successfully complete your fast".

  • Upon waking the second day do your deep breathing with "I am alive", "Thank you" and your visualization. Today and the remaining of your 30 days for your body cleanse diet, when you pray, report to God your experience of the day before. Tell him what was good and what challenges you had. Tell him that you continue to be determined to be healthy and ask him to bless your efforts.

    From today through the end of your first week we recommend for breakfast the you eat rolled, old fashioned oats with berries or prunes. The fiber will get your body moving and your toxins exiting your body. Lunch should be your largest meal, but during your body cleansing diet we recommend that it consist of 70% assorted vegetables of which at least 1/2 should be raw and the other half can be lightly cooked.

    The remaining 30% should be brown or wild rice. Your dinner should be only Miso soup, (a soup made from a fermented soy paste found in health food or international stores), with only seaweed or other sea vegetation added. From the second day to the final day of your 30 day body cleansing diet you should drink only water or unsweetened, organic green tea.

  • For the remaining 3 weeks continue the morning deep breathing, meditation, visualization, and prayer. Remember to report your feelings both good and bad to God. He wants a relationship with you so tell him your experiences. You can choose the Oatmeal with berries or exchange brown rice and a half of grapefruit for a change of pace.

    Twice a week you can add in fish if it`s cold water sea fish like mackerel, Alaskan tuna or even sardines are ok, but during the fast only twice a week and only 4 oz`s at lunch time only. Again at night continue the Miso soup but now you can add tofu or if you want you can have onion or garlic soup for a change of pace and you can add an apple or prunes. During this 30 day cleanse you should drink only water or organic green tea unsweetened.

  • During you body cleanse diet you should consume 50 grams of fiber. You need both soluble and insoluble fiber. Examples of soluble fiber are: bean, peas, oats, plums, berries, prunes, banana`s, and apples. Insoluble fiber are things like: green beans, zucchini, celery, nuts, seeds, whole grains and potato skins.

    If eat nuts or seeds with lunch eat them raw and only a small handful during the body cleansing diet.

  • During the last week of your body cleanse diet add the following drink 20 minutes before you eat your breakfast. Two tablespoons of cold pressed olive oil, two fresh squeezed lemon juice and one apple blended or juiced. Drink this for the last seven days of your body cleanse diet to thoroughly flush the body clean.

  • On the completion of this body cleanse diet pray and thank God for walking with you during each step of this journey and thank him for restoring your body to a state of health.

Any illness or dis-ease is a state of imbalance in the body, mind and spirit. The formula to heath is to eat naturally prepared fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, cold sea water fish and sea vegetation, pray, meditate, exercise and practice deep breathing.


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