A body detox is the surest natural way to restore health and energy!

After a body detox you can feel the power of new energy.

Are you overwhelmed with various allergies? Does your excess weight stubbornly refuse to go away despite near starvation diet plans? No matter how much sleep you get are you still tired?
Body detox with lemons photo by lollyknit
body detox with lemons
These are sure signs that your body is toxic and needs a complete detox cleansing.

Regularly doing a body cleanse is a sure fire natural home remedy that can restore lost energy, reset your body so it can lose weight without the need for starvation diets and greatly alleviate and sometimes eliminate allergies.

It should be noted that doing a body detox is not about treating illness and the authors of this site are not doctors; so the treatment and cure of illness I will leave to the doctors and Big Pharma as they are the experts in dealing with, treating and curing illness, ( or at least that is what they tell us).

Doing a body detox is about restoring a state of health and energy to the body and mind with the use of natural home remedies such as foods, herbs, breath, exercise and spiritual faith.

When God created the world he included all the things necessary for health and healing. While we have thousands of years of healing ourselves with nature we are now told that man- made chemicals are not only better, but the only way to cure or treat disease.

 I can`t speak for others, but I put my faith in God and I will look to his creation as a first and lasting choice to achieve health.

I don`t shun modern medicine and I highly recommend making full use of its benefits, but since I have never known anyone healthy that was taking medicine, chemotherapy or having surgery and have known plenty of healthy people that eat lots of fruits, vegetables, sea vegetation, cold sea water fish, who exercise regularly and practice spiritual faith, then it seems to me that is what I also want to do to enjoy similar health.

Health is one of our most valuable assets and yet we often treat our cars and our pets better than our own bodies. I sometimes wonder if we each had a million dollar thoroughbred horse would we feed it things like aspartame, twinkies and tobacco or even a fast food hamburger...?

I think most of us will agree that we wouldn`t if we wanted it to continue to be a million dollar horse. Yet most of us would trade that horse with-out a second thought if it meant the difference of our health or the health of a loved one. So clearly our health and the health of our loved ones is more important to us and yet we feed ourselves and our families that chemical junk.

For the above mentioned reasons, detoxification should be at the heart of natural healing and home remedies. A body detox is not a system of treatment or a way to remove symptoms; it is a system of addressing the root cause of disease with the use of God and nature. It involves the understanding that the body is the healer, and that energy is at the core of healing. Energy can be increased or destroyed by the foods we eat, the fluids we drink, the way we breath, the things we put on our skin, the exercise we do or don`t do and the faith we place or reject in God.

Doing a regular body detox is one of the purest forms of natural healing.

A body detox is non-invasive and at it`s core is the proper balancing of a state of alkaline and acidic. A state of health is achieved when the right things go in and out of the body.

Body detox with dandelion photo by audreyjm529
body detox with dandelion

The problem is that the modern world puts so much junk and pollution in our bodies that the opposite happens and we keep inside the bad things and our bodies get all "gunked" up so we are no longer able to absorb the vitamins, minerals and other components necessary for health. So the wrong things stay in our bodies and the important things often go out through our urine.

To understand how a body detox can help us regain or keep a state of relative heath we must first understand what is illness. Dis-ease is most simply put a state of imbalance and the bodies attempt to rid itself of the cause of that imbalance. There are 3 main root causes of most illnesses. A genetic predisposition which was not strengthened, next is toxicity, and third, an imbalance in the proper balance of alkaline and acid state of our bodies.

  • Genetic weaknesses are cellular codes or memories that determine how tissue, organs and other bodily functions will react or respond to what life throws at it. Your physical body is a genetic mirror of your family tree, and your cellular strengths and weaknesses come from your family history. As we mature, we either make our inherent weaknesses weaker or stronger depending on our lifestyle and the same is true of our strengths.
  • Toxicity includes things like mucus accumulation from dairy products, irritants and foreign chemicals and toxic metals to name some of the most common. The toxicity comes from processed foods, chemicals, body hygiene, cosmetic and other skin products, environmental pollutants, a build up of metals, toxic emotions that cause stress and the over production of stress hormones and the list goes on.

  • The 3rd is the imbalance of the acid, alkaline state of the body. Although there is a lot of talk these days about being alkaline to be healthy, the truth is if your body is too much of either one it can cause illness or even death. Our bodies are designed to be slightly more alkaline than acidic and yet most of us are more acidic then alkaline and this is leading to many of the illnesses we are suffering from today.

Creation is a dynamic interplay of opposites, without which everything would be the same. Asian philosophy and medicine along with many spiritual faiths such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Unificationism and even Christianity teach balance and some form of yin and yang.

The elements of matter are either alkaline or acid in nature. Acid-forms include nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur. Oxygen, calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium are all alkaline.

Alkaline elements are known as electrolytes because of their ability to carry electrical charges. Elements that are alkaline have oxygen and carbon that dominate hydrogen and acids have nitrogen and hydrogen dominating. We will be exploring the many kinds of body detox regimens that you can do and how they will help you maintain or regain a state of health.

It is the firm belief of the authors of this site that with-out a regular body detox a state of relative health is not possible in this toxic world. Along with doing a regular body detox we highly recommend doing mental and spiritual detoxification's as well. By using meditation to quiet the mind you can find peace and relieve stress.

Through prayer and spiritual practices you can find connection and inspiration. This site is new and therefore we will be adding many different body detox regimens and what specific ailments they address. In addition we have lots of information on spiritual practices, meditation and much more. So take a look around and come back often and be sure to drop us a line and let us know what you think and any remedies you have experience with.

A body cleansing diet is an important practice for healthy living!

A candida cleanse can naturally help you past this debilitating disease!

Colon Cleansing Home Remedies gets and keeps your system working naturally!

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