A candida cleanse can rebalance the body!

A candida cleanse is serious business for a serious illness.

Candida overgrowth is now as common as P.M.S. and has even been found to often go hand in hand with it. In women this disease can cause menstrual problems, can inhibit the proper production of estrogen, cause problems with the thyroid gland leading to menstrual irregularities and hypothyroid problems and of course yeast infections.

In men it can cause problems with the prostate gland and lower sexual function and desire, anal itching and jock itch.

In both men and women this disease can disrupt gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, and cause fungus to grow on finger and toenails, cravings for sweets, headaches and loss of sexual desire. It is also a leading cause of chronic fatigue syndrome and a compromised immune function. Three out of four adult women and two out of five men will experience at least one attack of this disease. As our diets and environment continues to become more and more toxic, expect these numbers to rise.

The Cause: There are many potential causes to this disease but the following are some of the most common.

  • Sugar and processed carbohydrates are with out doubt one of the leading causes for candida. In one year an average American will eat 100lbs of sugar, 70 dozen doughnuts, 25 gallons of ice cream and 70 lbs of cakes and baked breads. Similar consumption is found in Britain and else where. The body was just not designed for all that sugar.

  • Eating too much meat and too little unprocessed fruits, vegetables and grains leads to an imbalance in the acid/alkaline state of the body. The body was designed to eat vegetables and grains as staples and meat as a limited side dish.

  • Certain drugs, particularly the over prescribing of antibiotics as well as their use in the raising of live stock has also lead to an increase in candida overgrowth. Only take antibiotics if it can truly help and eat organically grown meats.

  • Birth control pills can also be a factor. Hormonal changes are often a precursor to candida.

  • Stress is a leading factor in many of today`s illness`s and this is no different. Stress can lower immune function and cause an imbalance in various hormones. Stress is something that must be controlled or it will lead to havoc in your life.

  • Poor diet and nutrition. If you are not eating enough fruits, fish, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sea vegetation and aren`t taking a quality multi-vitamin and mineral supplement then you likely have a compromised immune system which, among other things, can lead to candida overgrowth.

The following is an all natural cleansing for candida.

  • Natural cleanse 1: Eliminate all forms of sugar products for 90 days. This includes, fructose, sucrose, and lactose, (milk sugar). You should also avoid processed carbohydrates as these metabolize in the body just the same as sugar. When you resume it should be a limited amount and should be your more healthy forms of sweetners such as unprocessed honey and maple syrup and very little processed foods.

  • Candida cleanse 2: For the next 90 days don`t eat cured meats, cheeses, yeast bread, brewer`s yeast or drink alcohol.

  • Candida cleanse 3: While citrus and tomatoes are excellent foods, if you havn`t been eating right and suddenly you start eating a lot of these, it will make your body quickly turn alkaline and that sudden change could lead to candida overgrowth. Avoid these items for 90 days during your body cleansing.

  • Candida food remedies 4: Brown rice, millet and buckwheat along with tree nuts, ( not peanuts), and beans should be a staple in your diet now and after you complete your ninety day body cleansing.

  • Candida food remedies 5: Fish, especially cold sea water fish should be your main source of meat. Others can include chicken breast and wings, turkey and free range eggs. When you cook eggs do so on low heat fix soft boiled or scrambled runny to reduce bad cholesterol.

  • Candida cleanse 6: All vegetables can be eaten during and after this body cleansing. Baked and boiled potatoes are fine, but no fried potatoes during the 90 day body cleansing and make potatoes not more then ten % of your total daily vegetable consumption. Eat seven to ten servings of vegetables a day during the cleanse.

  • Candida cleanse 7: For oil use cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.

  • Candida cleanse 8: For fruits some good choices during the 90 days are apples and berries.

  • Candida cleanse 9: Take a quality multi-vitamin and mineral supplement both during this 90 days and after.

  • Candida cleanse 10: Garlic is perhaps the most clinically tested herb on the planet. As an anti-fungal it is believed by many to be more potent then even some drugs on the market. Learning to eat this pungent herb is best, but if you just can`t, taking it in capsule form may be of some use.

  • Candida cleanse 11: One essential oil that can help is Evening Primrose. Rich in GLA this oil helps regulate hormone production.

  • Candida cleanse 12: For herbal remedies try Echinacea and Chamomile. These herbs are useful. Echinacea fights infections and often recommended by naturopaths. Chamomile helps relieve stress and aids digestion.

If you follow the above suggestions you should find it very useful if you are trying to rid yourself of excess candida. Remember that illness indicates an imbalance in the body, mind, spirit trinity.

If you treat one but not the others you may never fully achieve the healthy state you desire. The path to health is to eat right, exercise weekly, meditate, practice deep breathing, connect with friends and family and develop an active spiritual practice of your choosing.

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