Chapped Lip Remedies

Chapped lip remedies for fast relief!

Chapped lips have as much to do with the inside of your body as they do the outside elements. Taking care to eat healthy, hydrate regularly along with taking care of your lips from the outside will go a long ways in keeping this condition at bay.

Drink more Water
Remedies for Chapped lip 1: Most of us are moderately dehydrated most of the time. Because we drink soda and other such drinks that often do more to dehydrate us rather the give us the needed water our body needs we walk around in a state of dehydration.

This seriously effects the health of our skin including our lips. Drink a tall glass of water as soon as you wake and a glass ever hour until 3 hours before bed.

Olive Oil
Chapped lip remedies 2: Instead of using commercially prepared lip balm that often contain chemicals that are also commonly found in cleaning supplies, try natural cold pressed olive oil. It helps moisten lips and helps get and keep them healthy.

For a winning hand against chapped lips just say...
"More ACES Please"
Chapped lip vitamin remedies 3: Remembering this phrase can help you remember the nutritional components needed for many health concerns including chapped lips. The M in more is for magnesium... the letters for ACES are for Vitamins A, C, E and Selenium and the P in please is for potassium. If you remember to get a full days supply of these vitamins and minerals it will go a long ways in protecting skin and lips. Eat more foods in these nutritional components and supplement.
Vitamin E Oil
Chapped lip remedies 4: If you supplement by taking vitamin E oil capsules you can punch a hole in the capsule and use the oil directly on your lips. Since vitamin E is a necessary component for healthy lips this is a great remedy.

Include more hot soups with your meals
Chapped lip food remedies 5: Including hot soups and drinking hot green tea is one of the reasons for Japanese having such healthy skin. By drinking hot soups and teas throughout the day it opens skin tissue allowing it to absorb moisture into the tissue.

Without this the skin is often unable to absorb water even if you are drinking enough. Since this is traditional for Japanese eating it helps us keep skin looking youthful and healthy. You can benefit by just starting to do this more each day.

Eat more Deep Water Fish
Chapped lip remedies 6: The fatty acids found in deep sea water fish have been found to greatly aid the skin, hair and lips in being healthy. While supplementing with fish oil is helpful, eating the fish 3 or 4 times a week has shown to be several times more effective. This kind of fish is another common part of Japanese traditional diet and again one of the reasons for their world famous youthful skin.

Whole grains and green vegetables
Chapped lip remedies 7: The B vitamins are also important for skin and lip health. Eating more whole grains like brown rice, dark greens and sea weeds will greatly improve skin and lip health and help it maintain higher moisture levels.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Why not make these home remedies your first step to better health.

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