Chronic fatigue syndrom is a seriouse condition!

Chronic fatigue syndrom is no sleeping matter.

Whether in Japan, America, Great Britain or the rest of the world, there are millions of people that despite their best efforts never feel fully alive and well rested.

I often talk about how Japanese are often more healthy then others, but when it comes to chronic fatigue syndrom, we are suffering just as much as anyone.

The typical Japanese business person commutes 90 minutes to work and another 90 minutes back home again. They often work 12 or more hours in a day and some still follow old traditions of going drinking with colleagues after work as this is sometimes necessary for promotions.

My American husband tells me that it is not unusual for an American business person to work 50 - 80 hours a week in addition to a 1 - 2 hour commute each way for many. When they get home he says many are so tired that all they do is sit in front of a T.V. and watch reruns until time to go to bed. Many eat fast food at least once a day and have to little energy to exercise.

Many children today are giving ever increasing amounts of home work coupled together with multiple extra curricular activities that keep them in a similar state as the adults.

This along with poor diets, especially all this None food we call fast food and junk food, but is really chemicals with a few bits of food added in, along with no exercise, no daily meditation or deep breathing, no spiritual practice and no time spent with family and friends....

But the latest headlines say, "The causes of chronic fatigue syndrom are still elusive". Are you kidding me? Are we really so naive that we can say with a straight face that we don`t know the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome?

In the movie "Sister Act 2" with Whoopi Goldberg, she sang a song for the students that said, "if you want to go somewhere, if you want to be someone, you better wake up and pay attention". The same is true if we want to be healthy and have energy.

Food is energy...if its real, live food made by God... if its man made chemicals its energy is negligible and negative. If we want to overcome chronic fatigue syndrom and many of the other chronic and preventable illnesses and dis-eases then the first thing we have to do is "wake up and pay attention".

  • The formula for energy is whole foods, fish, sea vegetation, exercise, meditation along with deep breathing, prayer and spiritual practice of your choice and last but far from last is building good relationships with family and friends.

  • For a quick pick me up put a couple of drops of peppermint oil on some tissue and take a deep breath. You should find this both pleasant and invigorating.

  • Researchers have found that self talk can be an effective tool to overcoming the ills of chronic fatigue syndrome. A recent study done in Britain showed those that participated in a year long program that required patients to engage in daily positive self talk showed clinically observable improvements in mood, energy, and a significant reduction in conditions of chronic fatigue syndrome. In addition these patients were observed to have deeper sleep patterns, along with an increase in overall outlook on life.

    Wake every morning and while sitting on the side of your bed raise your hands from your lap towards your heart taking in a big breath on a count of 4 while saying "I am alive", and then lowering your hands down toward your lap again slowly while breathing out on the count of 4 while saying "thank you". After this, say the mantra, "every day in every way, my life is getting better and better".

    Try exercising a little faith by doing this with the intention of making your life better, rather then thinking it is foolish, and with a little time you will see measurable improvements in your life.

  • Start your day with a good breakfast. Non-Instant Oatmeal with berries or Rice with Mackerel fish and Miso soup are too good choices. Add in an all dark green vegetable smoothie or juice fresh made from your juicer or high quality blender and you`re off to an energized day. Then try eating 4 meals a day instead of one or two big ones. Try eating more fresh vegetables, fish, tree nuts and fruits for live food and get God`s energy flowing throw your body.

  • Wake up a little early so you have time to do 10 minutes of stretching and then take an invigorating bath by adding 3 drops of rosemary oil to the bath and take the time to enjoy, and you`ll be off to a refreshing start rather then a hurried shower that does more to aggravate you further zapping your energy.

  • Chronic fatigue syndrom is in part a cellular injury affecting many of your organs and bodily tissues. To help reverse this you need to clean out your liver. Try going on a whole food diet for 30 days. Eat at least half your food raw and the other half lightly cooked. Eliminate any processed foods and eat only fish and tree nuts for your protein. For those who want to do more you can try a 3 - 7 day fast under the supervision of a health care practitioner.

  • To give your immune system a boost and elevate your white blood cell count, try some hydrotherapy. Fill your bathtub with water as hot as you can stand it. It should be hotter then is normally comfortable. Soak in this bath for 40 - 60 minutes keeping the temperature of the water as hot as possible without burning yourself. Do this daily for 14 days.

    You can also practice yin and yang by finishing this bath by taking a 3 minute cold shower as cold as you can stand it. If there are any concerns of your health please consult your health care practitioner as this could in some rare cases send someone into shock.

    But for those for which it is safe, Harvard studies have shown that a hot bath followed by a cold shower increase immune function and white blood cell counts. The hot bath alone will do, but the two together give the greatest rewards.

  • A powerful remedy for chronic fatigue syndrome is imagery and the use of the mind. Two hundred years ago imagination was something admired. Now we use the word to mean something that is not real. God gave us a mind that could think in ways that other animals couldn`t. God designed the body to follow the mind, the mind to follow the spirit and the spirit to follow the ways of God. Sit in a comfortable chair.

    Imagine yourself going inside your body likes its a video game. Every time you see illness or inflammation you zap it like in a video game. Imagine you are a perfect shoot and after you zap something, that part of your body and organs begins to glow with the glow of health. Practice this daily for 10 - 12 minutes a day and in no time you will see measurable results. Remember, God wants to help us, but he can only help after we do our portion of responsibility first. Have faith.

  • There is no getting around it; if you want more energy you have to use more energy. Sound strange? The body is designed to adjust to it`s environment. If you sit around all the time the body will go into hibernation mode and reduce all bodily functions robbing you of energy.

    If you feed it lots of high quality energy sources with a healthy diet and then exercise several times a week, the body will increase all functions of the body, giving you more energy. Walking 30 - 60 minutes daily, riding a bicycle, playing tennis or golf, learning basic yoga or tai chi, or growing a garden are all examples of quality exercises that will get you going. Use it or loose it.

  • Chronic fatigue syndrom is sometimes a vitamin deficiency. Eat cold sea water fish such as mackerel, salmon and Alaskan tuna to get more Omega-3 fatty oils. Increase whole grains as these will give you more magnesium and the fiber will flush out toxins in the body that may be causing the chronic fatigue syndrom you`re suffering.

    Also increase foods like broccoli, grapefruit and other whole fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant. Include a handful of tree nuts and a couple teaspoons of olive oil everyday to get you Coenzyme Q10.

  • Chocolate. What? Have I gone mad? Here I am telling you to eat more healthy and I go off the deep end and tell you to eat chocolate... I don`t mean the highly processed and sugar laden kind. Organic, dark, bitter chocolate is great for an occasional pick me up. It has caffeine along with other nutritional components that will naturally elevate your mood giving you more energy. Like all things in life, this should be used with restraint, but is none the less a good remedy for temporary relief.

  • 10 drops of Ginkgo tincture in the morning will improve blood flow and brain function making you more alert and making it a great remedy for chronic fatigue syndrom.

  • Millions are suffering from dehydration and don`t even know it. Drink half your body weight in ounces to get enough water to prevent dehydration a major contributor to chronic fatigue syndrome.

Remember that illness and disease of any kind is an indication that there is an imbalance in the body, mind and/or spirit. To reach a true and complete state of health we much create balance with our body, mind and spirit.

The formula to health is to eat more vegetables, fruit, cold sea water fish, sea vegetation, exercise, drink water, daily meditation with deep breathing, pray and find a spiritual practice of your choice and make a connection with people, including family and friends.

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