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Boils most often come when some clothing or other object rubs our skin in a way that allows bacteria to penetrate the opening of hair follicles. This is at least the most common cause. Some also believe that chronic cases of boils may come from intestinal bacteria that cause skin damage.

If boils return often or last more then a week you should seek professional advice. For most boils the following natural remedies are often just what you need to bring the problem to a head and begin the healing process.

Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree is a natural antiseptic and is often a perfect natural choice as a cure for boils. Apply a drop of this essential oil neat, (means undiluted), morning and night directly on the boil to bring it to a head. Don`t squeeze as this could cause scaring or the spread of the bacteria. Be patient and allow this remedy to work.
You can get this as a cream at your local health store or outlet. As a cure for boils apply this cream to the puss filled area to bring the boil to a head naturally. It should be applied both morning and night until the boil breaks on it`s own.

Lemon Juice
As a cure for boils squeeze some fresh lemon juice and apply undiluted directly to boil three times daily. This not only will help bring the boil to a head, but nutritional components will protect the skin and aid healing. As a preventative measure you can mix half and half water and lemon juice as a daily rinse for face and underarms.
Often in infected area`s blood stagnates preventing needed natural defenses from getting to the affected area to start the healing. As a cure for boils soak a cotton cloth in water as hot as you can stand without burning you and place on the area affected by boils. Leave on for 21 minutes. This will bring fresh blood to the area and begin the healing process.
As another great natural cure for this condition take a teaspoon of dried goldenseal in hot water and steep for 21 minutes. Strain and use a cotton ball to dip into this hot brew and apply directly to boil. Make sure that it is not so hot it burns. Goldenseal is a natural antiseptic and the heat from the brew will bring fresh blood to the affected area.
Sores driving you apes? Fight back with a banana remedy!
For a great cure for boils use as ripe a banana as possible and mash up. Scrape the inside white part of the peel and include this in the mashed banana`s. Apply this directly to skin and cover with a bandage or gauze. Leave overnight and often you can see considerable improvement the next morning. If needed you can do this each night until healed.
Vitamin A and Zinc
As an internal cure for boils and as a preventative measure consume more foods in these nutrients. Both are needed for healthy skin and aid healing including repairing damage from boils. Pumpkin, sweet potato, tuna and watermelon are some good choices for more vitamin A. Oyster are your best choice for zinc. Other good choices for this nutrient are seafood, lima beans and chicken. You may also choose to supplement with 5000 IU of vitamin A and 15 mg of zinc. Remember that supplements are just that and never replace good eating habits.
For another internal cure for boils try juicing. Juice a carrot, some pumpkin and parsley to make a medium to large glass of this juice. Drink daily. Another thing you can do is to blend a carrot, pumpkin seeds, parsley and celery in a quality blender and drink. This will include fiber to help remove toxins from the body.
Meditation and Imagery
The mind is the key to healing the body and as a cure for boils can be an effective tool. For any of you who have spent any time studying the testing procedures of modern chemical medicine know that in every study a significant percentage of those taking a sugar pill get a similar result to those taking the real medicine.

What is often not made clear is that a percentage of those that are taking the medicine have measurable improvement not solely due to the medicine but because of the same reasons as those taking the sugar pill.

What this means is that the healing ability of all medicine, chemical or natural is in part due to the minds belief in the treatment. You don`t have to allow this to be an uncontrolled tool.

By learning basic meditation techniques along with imagery you can enhance the minds effect on healing the body.

To clear up boils and increase skin health learn to meditate and imagine your way to good health. As soon as you put aside your misconceptions of this practice and start to make use of it, you will quickly see that it is not a bunch of non-sense.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Make the home remedies on this site your first step to a healthy body, mind and spirit.

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