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  Getting the doctors advice is always recommended. We are not doctors and have no medical training. We do not diagnose, treat or cure illness or disease. So be sure.... Get the Doctors Advice. We don`t want to make lite of this. In today`s world many are on multiple medications and/or their health is far less then optimal. When this is the case, you need to make sure that any natural remedies you are about to take will not be dangerous with the medications you are taking or with your particular state of health.

Health is always your responsibility so be sure to make informed decisions about it by getting the doctors advice.

All the information on this site, (while factual to the best of our knowledge), is stated as the opinions, (not facts), of the authors and those who write in with their personal testimonies.

Let it be clearly said... that while we may refer to some things as cures or remedies (as we and many throughout the world see them as such), they are not... as defined
alternative medicine
by western medical science and/or some agencies who mandate by law in various regions, that only western medicine and those trained in it can diagnose or treat disease and that only drugs and other forms of western medicine can cure it.

 If you don`t agree that only drugs cure... or if you are like us and see natural home remedies as traditional medicine, (since it has been around thousands of years), and western medicine as "useful and sometimes life saving", but none the less contemporary or "alternative", (since it has been around only about the last 100 years), rather than the other way around, as it is often refered to...
 tell us your story  or home cure

All matter on this site is our opinion and from our perspective of reaching a state of health. We are not doctors and have no medical training. We have only our years of personal experience and those reported to us by friends, family, associates and visitors of this site. All reports and studies we mention are true to the best of our knowledge, but no guarantees are offered or implied. For any serious condition we highly recommend seeking the doctors advice and/or the advice of a  professionally licensed holistic health practitioner.

If we report it, we believe it to be true, and as often as possible, we report it only after trying for ourselves and revealing only what we found to be useful. Of course we can not and do not try everything we have on this site and we may occasionally find we need to make a correction and will do so when needed.

This site and all it`s content is for informational purposes only. Anything you try from the information on this site you do so at your own risk. assumes no responsibility for the treatment or cure of any illness or disease or from any harm of any kind derived from using any of the information on this site.

As already stated, we believe getting the doctors advice and/or the advice of a health care professional to be important and necessary. We further believe that pharmacuetical medications are often necessary and life saving.

That said... We personally have never known anyone on drugs who was completely healthy. We know many people however, who eat lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and fish, take herbs, excercise, meditate and practice a spiritual faith of their choosing who are extremely heatlhy.

 This is why we ask that any of you who find the information on this site useful, to participate in validating there effectives with your reviews, tips and advice on our Home Cure Discussion Board . We have only our personal experiences along with those of our friends and readers and Japans 3000 year history of reporting the benefits of many of these traditional healing methods.

What We Believe!

 We believe that there is a vast difference from going to the doctor for treatment of an illness and working on reaching a state of health using home remedies and living a healthy, spiritually in-tune lifestyle.

More to the point... we belief that illness does not exist in a healthy body. So we say.. let the doctors take care of illness. When ill get the Doctors Advice. But let each and everyone of us work to take care of our health.

The thousand mile journey to a healthy mind, body and spirit begins with the first step. Make our A-Z list of natural remedies that first step. Home Remedies

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