Drink Urine for life! Called by some, "The Better Butter!"

Drink Urine for the ultimate home remedy.

Should you really drink your own pee? That is a choice you will need to make on your own. We often see books, movies and magazine articles claiming to give some "secret" to wealth, happiness or health, but these often leave us "wanting" for more. It is the strong opinion of the authors of this site that to drink your own urine and using it topically on your skin is truly one of the lost secrets of the ancients.

We often feel that in the modern times that the ancient world can teach us nothing. Yet for 95% of us, we follow the ancient texts of our particular religious faiths or spiritual practices.

We continue to look at things like the Egyptian pyramids and wonder just how did they move stones that even our strongest cranes of today are not capable of moving. It is such things as these that show us that the ancient world does still have things they can teach us. Because of the many wonders of the modern world, we often forget and lose some of this ancient wisdom.

In the old testament of the King James version of the Bible it says in Proverbs 5:15, "Drink waters out of thine own cistern, and running waters out of thine own well". The New testament in John 7:38 Jesus said,"He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water."

Are these just words? Do these words have some other meaning? Perhaps, but I think that in part or in whole these are instructions to drink urine, the living, whole food source and energized, structured water, called in lay person words, urine; and called in medical terms,"plasma ultra filtrate".

In the Hindu and Yoga traditions to drink pee is known as,"auspicious water of Lord Shiva". Auspicious means: [strongly indicating a successful result]. Amaroli text from over 5000 years old give exact methods of the internal and external uses and how to drink your own urine.

These are said to be the oldest written medical texts found in human history. Yogi practitioners do daily stretching, meditation and drink urine as part of their physical and spiritual pursuits for health. These are often among the longest living people of the world. Often a yogi can do amazing physical feats even in their 70`s. 80`s and 90`s.

The Prime Minister of India during the 1970`s, Morarji Desai, later was asked on an interview by the American News broadcast 60 minutes how at the age of 99 was he in such good health with such youthful skin. He said on that televised interview that it was because he drank 1/2 a liter of his own urine everyday. He said that to drink urine was the answer to today`s ills.

Are these people snake oil salesmen? Is this just some Placebo or panacea that is all in their minds? The Prime Minister had absolutely nothing to gain by saying, drink urine, and even risked looking foolish on national television. He did it only because he wanted to help people of India and the world to know that to drink urine is one excellent source of nutrition that can greatly increase over all health.

In the Buddist traditions, medical monks drink urine and have been smelling and tasting their patients urine for centuries to understand what the patients sickness was and how to help them. In some practices of Buddhist faith, to drink urine is much like that in Hindu traditions.

Again, Buddhist Monks are often among the healthiest, longest living people of the world. Like all other examples of those that are living long, healthy lives, they practice daily meditation and religious pursuits, exercise, healthy eating and many drink their own urine both for physical and spiritual well-being.

In the traditions of Islam the Qur`an says in 16:68-69 "And the Lord inspired the bee, saying:Take your habitations in the mountains and in the trees and in what they erect. Then eat of all fruits and follow the ways of the Lord made easy for you. There comes forth from their bellies a drink of varying color where-in is healing for mankind. Verily in this is indeed a sign for people who think."

While this speaks directly to Islamic belief in the healing nature of honey. Some speculate that the last phrase ("Verily in this is indeed a sign for people who think."), is suggesting that we "think" and just as health comes forth from the belly of the bee when it eats from the natural fruits, vegetables and flowers of creation and follows the way of the Lord, so to... if man does the same, a drink of similar color to honey comes forth from our bellies, where-in is healing for mankind.

There is also the story of an Islamic tribe that came to the land of Medina where the climate did not suit them and they became ill. The Prophet told them to go to the field where a herd of camel were and drink their milk and urine. The tribes people did this and soon became well.

One story also tells about followers of the Prophet that were seen drinking his urine. When a one King saw this he said.."this must truly be a man whose entire being is pure".

When those outside or inside the Muslim faith voice their disapproval, some Muslims point to the fact that many medicines today are using the extracts of human and animal urine. One such example is "PREMARIN" which uses estrogen extracted from horse urine to treat symptoms of menopause. In fact, Premarin stands for "pregnant, mares, urine". Premarin is a registered, patented drug.

The wide use of human and animal urine throughout the world is seen as a sign by many Muslims. Qur`an 41:53 "Soon will we show them our signs in the furthest regions of the earth, and in their souls until it becomes manifest to them that this is the truth."

The "Ebers Papyrus" of 1500 B.C., one of the oldest surviving Egyptian text, documents much of Egyptian history and includes teaching to drink urine for health. Aztecs are often looked upon as some of the smartest of ancient peoples particularly in the area`s of math and science.

They had running water, indoor toilet and bathing facilities long before other cultures. Their calendar is said to be even more accurate then the one used in today's world. In addition to traditions that taught to drink urine the Aztecs used urine to heal wounds.

As reported by one elder member of the Unification Church, the member tried countless medical treatments for his many afflictions but received no relief. He then read an article that said to drink urine and decided he would try it.

Soon he was feeling relief and after several months had no symptoms what so ever. While meeting with the founder, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon also known by his followers as True Father, the elder member reported this to Rev. Moon and the Reverend responded, that "yes, it is an excellent source of health".

Rev. Moon recently turned 90 years old in-spite of having endured years of torture and starvation in North Korean death camps during the Korean War. On the day he was scheduled for execution at those camps, the U.N. forces came in and rescued him and the other survivors.

Rev. Moon went on to found the most successful new religious faith while the founder is still alive that has ever existed. Despite his physically tortured body, he went on to father 13 children, build a new religious faith that has an estimated 3 million followers world wide, has Theological Seminaries in America and Korea, Business`s all over the world and was even awarded in 2004 the "King of Peace" award at the U.S. Senate building by U.S. Senators mostly due to his World Wide humanitarian works and his relentless fight against the travesties of Communism.

Can we really discount all these sources that are teaching us to drink urine? Should we instead believe the many sources in the modern medical world that tell us that to drink urine is to drink a waste product of the body?

Again only you can decide if to drink urine is the correct advice to follow, but it is suggested that you consider that modern medicine is already using many components of urine in modern pharmaceuticals for everything from cancer fighting medicine, to skin creams, to fertility drugs, to medicine to prevent blood clots in those with high risk of stroke and heart attack.

According to the French chemist Fourcroy, "urine of man has furnished the most singular discoveries of chemistry and self healing in modern medicine and pharmacology".

So why would the medical establishment tell us that urine is a waste product that has no value toward health when companies are making billions of dollars on components extracted from urine or synthetic components meant to mimic the natural ones from urine? Could it be because of the billions of dollars they are making?

Many talk about that there is no scientific evidence for the efficacy of urine therapy or to drink urine. There are many Doctors and laypersons that have done countless studies on its efficacy and feel to drink urine has many health benefits, but the Doctors are often ridiculed or forced into retirement and some have even lost their license to practice for saying to drink urine.

The layperson accounts that say to drink urine and the benefits that are arrived from doing so, are said to be of no value. Some of those that believe to drink urine is healthy, often argue that because there is no money in urine, that is the reason that the pharmaceutical companies don`t spend the money doing double blind test, etc. I disagree with this.

The fact is that pharmaceutical companies are testing urine and learning how to extract the components or make synthetic derivatives of those components. If the pharmaceutical companies thought they could prove that the drinking of urine was bad for you and the only way to benefit from these components is in chemical pill form, I think they would spend the money to do those studies so they could be presented to the world as proof why you need the medicine and not the urine.

 But because, in my opinion, they know that urine is so good for you and to do the test would only prove that you could drink urine instead of buying expensive chemical derivatives, they don`t do any test because it is easier to keep it untested and leave lots of confusion around the subject.

Then when a Doctor or Scientist goes against the system they make sure to use their power and influence to discredit that person so that there is no official, credible source of scientific documentation on the efficacy of drinking ones own urine.

Do I have any proof of this? Absolutely zero! So then why should you believe such a thing? If we look at those that either suffered from terrible illness, only to come close to death using Allopathic Medicine, but went on to try urine therapy and other natural therapies which brought them into a state of health; if we look to leaders who have nothing to gain from promoting this kind of therapy, and even risk looking foolish, but do so for the good of the people; and we balance that against the known priorities of medical and pharmaceutical pursuits for profit, I think it is clear which sources are credible.

So the question you now need to ask yourself, "to drink urine or not to drink urine", that is the question.

Jesus taught,the kingdom of heaven is in us. Mahatma Gandhi said it this way, "The human body is the best portrayal of the universe in miniature. Whatever does not exist in the human body cannot be found in the universe, and whatever exist in the universe can be found in the human body".

ALL the components of health are with-in us and nature. Drink urine, eat natural, unprocessed fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, nuts, cold, salt water fish and eggs, exercise, meditate, pray, practice living for the sake of others and seek to know God. THE SECRET FORMULA!

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