Free online diet plan that works!

This free online diet plan will help you win the war on weight.

Do you want to finally win the fight against fat? Then keep reading!

The first thing you will need to do if you truly want to end the war in victory is to change your understanding of the word diet from it`s contemporary meaning to it`s original definition. Diet is what you eat consistently.

Any time you go on a diet with the intention of doing it temporarily then you should expect the results to be short lived. If you are ever to regain control over your weight it will be with a permanent diet plan.

This free online diet plan gives you all the necessary natural and home remedies along with a specific plan to permanently end the war on weight.

Throughout this site we talk about illness being an imbalance of the body, mind and spirit. It is never more true then with weight problems. Your eating has an effect on every function of the body including a variety of chemicals that control mood, energy, sleep and signals which determine when you feel you should eat again.

Emotions also have similar effects further showing the connection of mind and body. Major studies have been done showing the connection between those who actively practice a spiritual faith of their choosing and having less stress and an over all sense of well-being. To lose weight and keep it off we must connect all the dots, not just focus on one.

Lets get started! Lose 3 sizes in 30 days!

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  • Free online diet plan #1: Many experts will tell you that the key to weight-loss is portion control. To really get the benefits of this you should try the Japanese style of eating. Japanese never pile food all together on one big plate. Instead we put each thing into it`s own small dish. We arrange everything to have a beautiful setting. In Japanese culture eating is something to be savored and appreciated. So we eat slowly and enjoy the setting, the aroma and all the flavors of food.
  • Free online diet plan #2: Eat 5 times a day! One of the biggest things you can do to sabotage your war on weight is to get too hungry. Once you go past the point of no return and you get a whiff or look at some old favorite the inevitable will happen.

    Plan your meals so that you are getting a power breakfast, a mid-morning snack, a big lunch which should include most or all your protein for the day, a mid-afternoon snack, and a small to moderate dinner that is mostly unprocessed carbs. If necessary you can add a late snack of either a half an apple or a small medley of fresh cut raw or lightly steamed vegetables, but it is best to not eat 3 - 4 hours before bed.

  • Free online diet plan #3: Start keeping a journal of everything you eat and what you feel when you eat it. When you have cravings make a note about it including what is happening that may be the trigger. Learning more about yourself and your feelings will go along ways in helping you get control of weight and those things that make you over eat or eat the wrong foods.

  • Free online diet plan #4: Plan for emergencies by keeping things like apples, cooked edamame (soybeans), nuts (not peanuts), tofu, cut and ready to eat vegetables and water. Having these readily available can prevent a relapse to old habits.

  • Free online diet plan #5: Make sure you are getting at least 30 grams of fiber daily in your diet and for the first 30 days, fifty grams is better.

  • Free online diet plan #6: Take a quality multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. To get our body functioning at it`s optimum we need to make sure we have enough nutrition. Remember that supplements are just that... and never replace eating right.

  • Free online diet plan #7: Don`t start a crash diet.. it will only fail. To lose one pound a week, (yes a pound a week is what your goal should be.. any more could cause your body to slow it`s metabolism which will work against you), you need to reduce 500 calories a day. You should not do this just with calorie restriction. By reducing 200 calories a day and burning 300 doing some moderate exercise like walking 30 - 40 minutes daily along with some resistance training 3 days a week your total reduction will be the necessary 500 calories a day.

  • Free online diet plan #7: Best methods of cooking for weight-loss and control are... boiling, grilling, poaching, sauteing, steaming or go raw. These methods when done correctly can retain more nutrients and reduce fat.

  • Free online diet plan #8: Get an excellent blender and juicer. Making smoothies and juicing fruits and vegetables are a great way to have a nutrient packed treat.

  • Free online diet plan #9: Glutamine can help reduce sugar cravings. To stop the cravings take 500 milligram capsules 3 times daily between meals.

  • Free online diet plan #10: We want to believe that our weight is all about the food or lack of exercise, but the mind plays an important role. You will succeed or fail based in-part on how you think! Learning to use meditation will not only relieve stress which will increase body functions including those that determine if nutrients get used for energy or stored as fat.... but you can incorporate imagery into your meditation practice to speed up weight-loss. In your brain is the ability to control body function, hormones and other chemicals that can reduce hunger, cravings, and increase metabolism, thyroid function and many others. Learn to use your mind for maximum results.

  • Free online diet plan #11: Fight fat with fat! Eat more fish, especially cold sea water fish like mackerel, tuna and sardines. Omega 3 fatty oils found in these kinds of fish help reset the body`s thermostat and correctly metabolize other good fats. Omega 3 will also increase immune function and aid in the body`s overall health.

  • Free online diet plan #12: Reconnect with your Spiritual Self! So many times we have been disappointed by those we looked to for spiritual guidance that it has made us turn away from such pursuits. But there is no getting around the fact to obesity is closely linked to self esteem and other emotional issues. Connecting with a spiritual faith of your choice will realign your understanding about who you truly are and connect you with a force greater then yourself that can help you through those times when you just don`t have the strength yourself.

Daily Action Plan!

Daily deep breathing to start your day right.
Don`t wait until the last minute and jump out of bed... wake early and sit up gently on the side of the bed. Put your hands one over top of the other and raise them from your belly toward your heart while breathing and saying the words: I am alive.... and then lowering your hands down toward your stomach while saying Thank you.

Do this five to ten times. It will get you off to a more relaxed day instead of giving you a shot of stress right from the get go as has happens when you jump up late. It will also get you appreciating life more and offering thanks to God or the cosmos which ever is more comfortable to you.

Ten minutes of stretching to get your blood flowing carrying important oxygen and nutrients through your body.
You do not have to learn complicated yoga stances to benefit from stretching. Start with your toes and feet stretching back and forth... up and down. Then your ankles. While sitting on the side of the bed raise your legs and stretch your arms toward your toes. Just go far enough so that you feel a good stretch, but not so far you hurt yourself. Stretch out your arms and curl and uncurl your fingers. Lean your head back and then forward and then rotate in a circle.

Drink a tall glass of cold water
This will be the first of your hourly glass of water that you should be drinking up until about 3 hours before sleep. By drinking the first glass cold it will lower your body temperature just enough that the body has to turn on the thermostat to warm itself back to normal temperature which will get your system off to a roaring start.

Most of us have been taught to drink with our meals, but this is not best because it dilutes stomach acids which in-turn reduces proper digestion of food and nutrients. If you need a little something the best thing is to include some soup with each meal or a small cup of green tea.

Eat 3 meals and 2 snacks everyday.

One of the best defenses against binging is to insure you never get too hungry. Start your day with a high fiber, high nutrition meal along with a little protein. Steele cut oatmeal is great, but if you can`t this then old fashioned is better then instant. Add in some berries and prunes and you have a power-packed meal. A half a grapefruit can be added along with a small handful of nuts, or some tofu or a poached egg for protein.

 At mid-morning eat one piece of fruit or small portion of vegetables. For lunch you want to get most of your protein. This will help give you energy through the afternoon slump and will increase focus and brain power. At mid afternoon consider a fruit and vegetable smoothie with some tofu. For dinner you should leave off the protein and go with unprocessed carbohydrates as they will help promote a restful nights sleep provided you last ate 3 - 4 hours before going to bed.

Remember that all illness is an imbalance of body, mind and spirit. Be reconnection these into one you will regain balance which is what we believe to be a state of health.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. Why not make some of these great Asian remedies that first step...

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