A healthy food list you can Live with!

As we learn more about the different compounds in food we learn just how important a healthy food list is and how little we have known the full story concerning food. No doubt about it..  a food and herbs are extremely helpful to our health and useful for natural remedies for the different ailments you may encounter in life.

Early humans ate literally a hundred or more varieties of plants as part of our routine diet. This was necessary because we were often subject to what we could find. This variety gave us a wide range of nutrition and a healthy food list was unnecessary because we came by it naturally.

As we developed agriculture, it greatly increased our ability to survive and  to develop large groups in one area and greatly increased populations.

This new knowledge came at a price, however. With agriculture we began to eat a smaller variety of food and since the food had to be grown and cared for it came with back breaking work. Studies have shown that hunter gatherers were much less worked compared to those that lived off agricultural  and often better nourished.

As our knowledge of agriculture grew we lost eating the natural variety of our early ancestors and thus the need of a healthy food list arose.

The big difference was that agriculture was more dependable and with it allowing large groups to congregate in one area, many were able to focus on other things which allowed our species to grow.

After WW2 the memory of lack and hunger from the depression spawned the new era of Big-Agra and the age of chemical and biologically altered food.

While this allowed for the massive production of food, it quickly depleted soil which reduced nutritional value and soon led to the manufacturing of artificial additives that have all but turned our food into chemical alternatives rather than real whole foods. While this has made food itself, cheap, it has made the cost of health more expensive.

Because much of our world has turned away from God, those who control Big Agra consider only issues of business, profit and power. We have lost site of insuring the benefits of humanity and if we are not careful the average person may find them selfs at odds with the powerful for basic nutrition.

A return to eating a wide range of natural, organic whole foods will ultimately pay for itself in the health you will gain and the quality of life it will bring with it. The following is by no means a comprehensive healthy food list, but is none the less a good start to get you going on your new quest for health and natural home remedies.

This healthy food list includes some of the most important foods you should regularly include in your diet!

Apples | Apricots | Artichokes | Asparagus | Avocados

Bananas | Basil | Beans | Beefsteak Plant | Berries | Broccoli | Burdock Root

Cabbage | Cantaloupe | Carrots | Celery | Cherries | Chili Peppers | Corn

Fish | Flaxseed | Garlic / Onions | Ginger | Grapefruit | Dark Leafy Greens

Kelp | Lemon / Limes | Millet | Miso | Mushrooms | Natto | Nuts

Oats | Olive Oil | Oranges | Parsley | Potato | Prunes | Pumpkin

Raisins | Rice | Sea Vegetables | Sesame | Umeboshi

Food Remedies are the original source of healing. Learn how some foods can remedy some of todays most common ills!

Healthy Eating Tips are essential habits for a healthy lifestyle and the first remedy everyone should try!

Natural food cures are traditional Japanese food that keep you looking and feeling great and thinking sharp!

The journey to health always begins with that first step. Consider using this healthy food list as your first step to a healthier you.

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