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Meditation for Couples
meditation for couples / CC BY 2.0
Meditation for couples can reduce stress, improve emotional health and so much more. A study of those in loving, married relationships have been found to have longer life spans and higher quality of life. Learn more about... Meditation for Couples

Home remedies for nausea
home remedies for nausea, eating contest / CC BY 2.0
Home remedies for nausea helps get you feeling better fast. Sometimes we over due it or we eat something bad or even perhaps drink too much. When this happens, try these remedies...
                           Home remedies for nausea

Old Home Remedies
herb photos, old home remedies / CC BY 2.0
Old home remedies have shown their effectiveness for millenium and are still a great choice for many of todays ills. Learn more about the many ways in which old home remedies can help restore you body to a healthy state.  Old home remedies

Old home remedies
food photos, old home remedies / CC BY 2.0
Chicken soup or for the vegans out their this vegan style chicken soup is a great old home remedies for when cold or flu hit. It will warm your body and give you lots of great nutrition to boost the immune system in an easy to digest meal. Learn more about this and other natural cures at ....  Old home remedies / CC BY 2.0 / CC BY 2.0

Drink Urine
drink urine / CC BY 2.0
Would it shock you to learn that millions around the world drink their own urine for it`s healing properties. While at first you may find this revolting, it is a practice that has been around for thousands of years in almost every culture at one time or another. Learn more about this ancient healing practice at... Drink Urine

Apple cider vinegar 
apple cider vinegar cures / CC BY 2.0
Apple cider vinegar is a tried and true home remedy. It is great for heartburn, aids weightloss, can eliminate fungus and some skin rashes and much more. Learn more about this great natural cure at...
Apple cider vinegar cures

Healing Crystals
healing crystals / CC BY 2.0
Healing crystals are an often overlooked remedy for many ails. Crystals, gems and stones of various kinds have been on earth for millions of years and have stored in them the wisdom of the ages in the form of energy. Learn more at.... Healing Crystals

Heated Stone Massage
hot stone massage and crystal therapy / CC BY 2.0
Many spas use stones, gems and other natural healing methods. The most successful and expensive spas in the world use them because they work. Using hot stones on certain area`s of the body while meditating or recieving a massage can bring great healing. Learn more at.... Healing stones / CC BY 2.0

Garlic herbal treatment
garlic herbal treatment / CC BY 2.0
Garlic is one of the oldest remedies. Through the centuries it has been loved for it`s healing properties and hated for it`s overwhelming odor. See more herb photos and learn about this and other herbs..... 
Herbal Treatment

Meditation Techniques
meditation techniques / CC BY 2.0
Learn how you can improve health, a sense of well-being, and take back control over mental and emotional issues by learning how to meditate. This picture is found on this site here...
Meditation Techniques

We hope you find the herb photos and others and their links here useful. We try to honor those who post great pictures by including this home remedies photographs page along with both the links to flickr and to our pages which use these herb photos. We included food photos, meditation photos and other related home remedies along with the photo attributions. Drop us a line and let us know if you enjoyed these photographs or if you would like to contribute some of your own.   Contact Us

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