Hindu beliefs and Ayurverda hold a natural path to health!

Hindu beliefs and health are intrinsically linked. The Hindu believes that physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health are all inseparably linked and therefore must all be balanced to have good health.

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Hindu`s believe the entire universe is connected.

Magnetic influences, planetary influences, spiritual influences as well as personal actions, beliefs, thoughts, diet and exercise all are seen as having various effects on physical and mental health.

Cleanliness of body and home are thought to have major affects on the body and mind. Taking ones shoes off is not just an Asian practice, but in Hindu beliefs it is a practice followed to keep the home clean and in good condition for good spirits. Cleanliness of body and home are seen to have strong affects on the body and mind in Hindu medicine.

Early morning bathing and early evening bathing with pictures of statues depicting religious faith as well as candles and incense are used to create a truly therapeutic cleansing of body and mind.

Loving nature and the importance of living simply and in balance with God and nature is the foundation of Hindu healing. Hinduism is recognized as the oldest known religion and has the third largest following in the world. In Hindu medicine there are the four elements of earth, fire, water, and air which represent the four elements of mankind...physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. If all four of these are in balance, this is a state of health. If any or all are out of balance, to what ever degree, this is a state of illness.

In Hindu medicine, practitioners believe that self-control and meditation are the way, to health. Hindus believe that we should take responsibility for ourselves and each other and only go to God for help, as a last resort. We should however, seek a daily relationship with God and report to him our efforts and accomplishments much like a child might report these things to their parents.

Yoga is a practice of discipline to achieve alignment of all four elements. Even low level yoga practices of stretching and physical balance are seen as a great discipline for healthy living.

Devout Hindu`s believe that all of Gods creatures are valuable and therefore follow a

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vegetarian diet. However, Hindu`s are more flexible then most other religious faiths and therefore many adhere to not eating beef as cows are seen as sacred and not eating pork as pigs are seen as unclean and scavengers, but do eat other meat. Hindu`s believe cows represent the best qualities of what a Hindu should strive for.

The cow is seen as taking little for itself, existing only on grass and grain. It lives for the sake of others, which is a key element in Hinduism. The cow gives back to mankind generously. It gives us milk, bones for soup, leather for shoes, and it`s stool is used world wide as a natural and primary ingredient for fertilizer for the growth of fruits, vegetables and grains.

The pig cares little for what it eats; it relishes mud and dirt and is therefore seen as the opposite of what we should strive for in life.

Hindu beliefs are that food affects both the body and mind. Hindu beliefs are that food not only has nutritional and body chemistry components, but also vibrational and energetic components that affect ones consciousness and emotions. Food can therefore aid you in becoming more aligned with your spirit or can make you more distant from that part of your being. Therefore, Hindu beliefs are that a correct diet is vital for spiritual development and that spiritual development is vital for physical health and well being.

Hindu beliefs are that there are three categories of food based on the foods affect on the body and emotions.

  • Tamasic food is impure, heavily processed, genetically altered, left over, stale or overly ripe foods. These are believed to produce negative emotions such as anger, discontentment and greed, among others. These foods should be avoided altogether.
  • Rajasic food if eaten in moderation can create positive emotions of passion, motivation, and a quest to achieve. But if done in excess, can lead to the negative equivalents of these emotions. Restlessness of the mind, uncontrolled addictions, and selfishness are among the many problems associated with the excess eating of these foods. The foods are... meats, eggs, spices, onions, garlic, pickles and spicy food.
  • Sattvic foods are the most desirable food in Hindu beliefs. Food that is none irritating to the body or mind. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds. These should be organic and pesticide free. Hindu Beliefs are that these food produce calmness of mind, wise and noble actions, and increases ones magnetic energy to attract people, places and things that are needed for great accomplishment.

Hindu Beliefs are that food should not just be eaten for pleasure or survival, but to maintain a balanced mind, body and emotional state. A true follower of Hindu beliefs will not eat any food that is not first offered to God. God`s blessing before consumption is essential. Once the food is offered to God it is then eaten as blessed food.

Many Hindu`s also practice fasting as both a spiritual pursuit and for a cleansing of the body. It is also seen as an act of mental discipline. There are many different forms of fasting one might do.

  • A water only fast is the most traditional and done during what ever time frame is decided. This could be from as little as midnight to noon the next day, or up to seven days. Occasionally a twenty one day or even a forty day fast might be done.
  • Some fast allow only fruits or fruits and vegetables or only one small meal of natural food each day.
  • Another fast is to drink urine. On this fast you would eat nothing and only drink your own fresh urine for one, three, or seven days. It is recommended that you drink at least five liters of urine. If you do not urinate this amount you would drink the difference in pure water, but try to consume as much of the five liters as possible from your own fresh urine.

For those that discount these ancient teachings from Hindu beliefs for a more modern approach, the Hindu`s have a saying: "A doctor works in a { medical practice } because treatment is a learning process. But often an old patient is worth more than a young doctor because knowledge and wisdom are more valuable to the process of staying healthy.

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