Home Cures and a Philosophy of healthy living!

TOAST AND JAM is not just food... it`s a Philosophy of home cures!

  • Time. If you don`t make the time to be healthy, there are no natural cures that can help you.

  • Oxygen is the breath of life. Deep breathing is one of the most important things we can do for our health.

  • Able body. With out a body that can move freely, there is no quality of life. (Those that were born with physical challenges or those that later suffered injury can have a quality life).

  • Spiritual pursuits are another of the important home cures to a truly complete and healthy life.

  • Tithe. Give unto Ceaser what is Ceasers and unto God what is God`s. When your mind and heart are free of fear, giving is natural.

  • Acceptance of others. When you are closed and unaccepting of others you are angry, fearful and suspicious and there is no true health.

  • Nature. To be healthy we need to look to nature. Natural foods, time spent enjoying the beauty of nature including the land and the sea and the practice of appreciating God`s creation.

  • Divinity. You can choose the spiritual practice you are most comfortable with, but as one of the great home remedies for total wellness, even Harvard and Yale studies show that an active belief in God improves health.

  • Joy. If you lack joy and happiness in your life, you lack health.

  • Altruistic Alms Giving. Altruism is the caring of others needs without ulterior motive. Alms giving is the act of giving to charity. Living for the sake of others is one of the fundamental principles of creation.

  • Mind and meditation. Your mind controls every aspect of your body and has the power to activate the healing powers with-in. Take care of it. Learn to harness and direct it`s power.

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