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Check out these great home remedies for allergies.

For many of us, the times of year we might otherwise enjoy the most, we look to with great dread.
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home remedies for allergies
Anyone who has ever suffered from allergies knows the itching, sneezing and scratching is enough to make Buddha himself, frustrated. Allergic symptoms run a full spectrum of simply miserable to truly dangerous. Remember that while the authors of this site truly wish to help you, we are not doctors and we have no training in medicine.

All information is the opinion of the authors and for educational purposes only. We do not diagnose, treat or cure illness of any kind. We highly recommend you consult a health care professional before using these or any other remedies. Your health is important and your sole responsibility and therefore it is recommended that you make an informed decision about what you take for an ailment.

We believe that allergy causes are a combination of environmental toxins, food, improper breathing and stress. While there may well be other causes it is our belief that these represent the majority of sufferers and therefore can be alleviated and in many cases eliminated with the right changes in lifestyle.

Allergy symptoms are simply an indication that your immune function has gone hay wire. Usually our immune system focuses on protecting us from the most harmful substances, but in those who suffer from allergic reactions your immune system is working overtime on things like pollen,dust and dander among others. These things are not so harmful, but because your immune function isn`t working properly it is treating those things as serious threats. The best thing we can do then to alleviate allergies is to boost our immune system and restore balance to our body, mind and spirit so the body functions properly.

Natural remedies for allergies can bring the joy back to the changing of the seasons!

  • Home remedies for allergies #1: The first thing you should do in our opinion is start greatly reducing or eliminating processed foods. These foods have so many chemicals and it just throws the body`s system all out of whack.

  • Home remedies for allergies #2:  Omega 3 fatty acid and other components found in cold deep sea water fish such as Salmon, Mackerel and Alaskan Tuna remove inflammation from the body which allergies often trigger. In modern times we consume several times more omega 6`s to omega 3`s. While these are both important an imbalance in these throws the body out of joint and can lead to illness including allergies.

  • Reduce allergies symptoms #3:  Ginkgo biloba is well known as a memory booster, but it also contains components that greatly reduce many allergy symptoms. Take 200 milligrams a day. This is one of several herbs useful in helping alleviate allergies.

  •  Remedies for allergies #4:  Drink hot or cold green tea. Among it`s

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    pollen and natural cures for allergies
    many health benefits, it is also a natural anti-histamine. In addition to helping with your allergies you will find many other area`s of your health improved by the addition of this important nutritional source.
  • Reduce  allergy symptoms #5:  The herb Nettle is a natural anti-histamine. This herb has ancient origins and has been used for over 2,000 years. University studies confirm that the use of this herb can help alleviate symptoms.You can find these in capsule form in most health food stores. Take 500 milligrams 3 times a day.

  • Home remedies for allergies #6: Since inflammation is one of the symptoms often observed with allergies, drinking a daily tonic of ginger tea can help alleviate these symptoms.

  • Home remedies for allergies #7: Dairy products often produce a build up of mucus in the body which has been found to cause allergy flare ups in some. Reduce or eliminate dairy products from your diet.

  • Home remedies for allergies #8: Stress is one of the biggest contributors to a diminished immune function. Practice daily meditation together with deep breathing exercises. Harvard studies showed this will produce the relaxation response helping ease the damage of stress.

  • Home remedies for allergies #9: Learning to eat more natural foods and less processed ones along with exercise will help the body work correctly and boost immune function. Also learn more about natural herbs you can include in your daily meal plan.

  • Spiritual remedies for allergies #10: While practicing a spiritual faith may not have been what you thought of as a natural remedy for allergies, studies suggest those who actively pursue a spiritual practice of their choosing have an overall better state of health. The authors of this site therefore believe it to be an important addition to your fight against allergies.

Remember that illness is an imbalance of body, mind and spirit. To bring back balance eat more fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, fish and sea vegetation. Exercise, meditate, do daily deep breathing and find a spiritual faith of your choosing to actively pursue.

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