Home remedies for depression can help!

Home remedies for depression can get you feeling better.

The number one mental disorder in many parts of the world is depression. While many who suffer this illness are too ashamed to seek help, it is something that can be treated.

It affects some of the greatest thinkers and successful people on the planet so it is not something to be ashamed of. If you are affected with depression you are not alone, as some of the greatest leaders, scientist and artist to have ever lived have been affected as well. If this has gone on more than a couple of weeks you should seek immediate medical help.

The authors of this site are not doctors and have no training in the medical industry. We believe the natural remedies offered here are safe and effective, but they are offered as our opinions and for informational purposes only. We do not diagnose, treat or cure disease or illness of any kind.

Depression can be brought on by a number of factors. The loss of a loved one, the foods we eat, environmental toxins, lack of enough sunlight, chronic stress and lack of exercise among others.

From food for mood to meditation for mental clarity and exercise to spiritual enlightenment.... the following natural remedies are worth the try!

  • Home remedies for depression #1: Caffeine can stimulate us, but if we are heavy drinkers of caffeinated drinks it can have the opposite affect. If you want to have some caffeine throughout the day switch to green tea. It has half the amount of coffee and comes packed with nutritional benefits.

  • Home remedies for depression #2: Chocolate Lovers take heed. Eating dark, bitter chocolate if not over done can elevate mood. The sugary kind or milk chocolate will have the opposite effect.
  • Home remedies for depression #3: Start including more cold water fish as part of your weekly meal planning. Salmon, sardines and mackeral are some of the fish from the sea that have the highest amounts of omega 3`s which studies have shown to be effective in lifting mood.

  • Home remedies for depression #4: Herbal treatment can be very useful against depression. Lemon balm helps calm physical tension. Skullcap can help ease a panic attack and St Johns Wort can help ease mental or emotional stress or sadness. These can each be taken as an infusion 3 - 4 times a day, but use only the one that is most suited for your particular situation. Be sure to talk to your herbalist or health care practitioner about the proper use of these herbs. If under a doctors care be sure to speak to him or her before using, especially if on any medications.

  • Home remedies for depression #5: Bask in the sun for a little while. Those who are in regions that have less sunlight have been shown in studies to suffer more depression then those living in regions with more sunlight. If your region has less sunlight or if seasonal changes make extended periods of less sunlight consider a light box. Most indoor lights are not strong enough, but these special light boxes can give enough light energy to be useful. Be sure to turn off the lights at night though because those who leave on lights at night, (even ordinary lights and clocks have an effect), have been shown to have lower levels of serotonin.

  • Home remedies for depression #6: Many of us in the industrialized world get far too little sleep. Study after study shows that we need a minimum of six to nine hours sleep with most needing 7 - 8 hours to be at our best. Take the time to get enough sleep or you will suffer consequences one of which may be depression.

  • Home remedies for depression #7: Deep breathing is one of the most important daily practices you can do, not only for depression, but for many health related issues. Most of us today breath short, shallow breaths which makes the body believe it is in a state of panic which eventually produces that very feeling. Doing daily deep breathing will help restore many functions of the body to a more balanced state. Many also breath in through there mouth. Clinical studies have shown that breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth can raise mood and levels of serotonin which is the bodies natural mood lifter. Taking time each day to focus on your breath will allow you to do deep belly breathing which will further enhance the effect.

  • Home remedies for depression #8: Low levels of folic acid and selenium have also been linked to many suffering extended bouts of sadness and depression. One study found that by adding foods high in these nutrients significantly raised moods. 1/2 to 1 cup of spinach along with other dark greens are good sources of folic acid. And fish such as Tuna are good sources of selenium.

  • Home remedies for depression #9: There is no escaping it.... spiritual faith matters for a balanced, health body, mind and spirit. One of the best natural remedies you can do for depression and over all mental and physical health is to find and actively practice a spiritual faith of your choosing. There are as many religions and spiritual pursuits as there are cultures and languages. There is one you will feel comfortable with.

  • Home remedies for depression #10: Exercise! For those who do it... they already know it`s effect on mood and well-being, but for those who don`t... this is a four letter word. You don`t have to train to run the marathon. Learning some basic yoga or taking a 30 minute brisk walk can be all it takes to get you going mentally and physically. If you chose walking be sure to do it at a slightly faster pace then normal. Going for a casual stroll on a beautiful day is great as it connects you with nature and creation, but for exercise you need a little extra in you steps. Don`t over do it and if you are under a doctors care be sure to talk to him or her before starting any exercise program.

  • Home remedies for depression #11: Hijiki is a common seaweed eaten in Japan and has long been known to promote mental and emotional well-being. It`s health producing effects are enhanced if you eat it with other foods high in vitamin C which aids the absorption of some of the important nutrients in this seaweed.
  • Home remedies for depression #12: Daily meditation along with visualization can go a long way to improving mental health. Meditation teaches you to focus the mind. Like any muscle, when exercised it not only makes it stronger, but it also gives you more control over it. Visualization is also an important remedy.

    Often we think the Placebo effect is some kind of foolishness. But thinking positive and believing in the treatment is as important part of healing as any medicine or procedure that you do. Every study that has ever been done whether with drugs, placebo or with natural sources of healing the mind has played a significant part in the healing process.

  • Enhance that effect by making the deliberate effort of visualizing and imagining the outcome you want to happen.

Illness is an imbalance in body, mind and spirit. Eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish and sea vegetation. Meditate, do daily deep breathing and actively practice a spiritual faith of your choosing.

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