Home remedies for diarrhea are solid solutions!

Home remedies for diarrhea dry up the case of the runs, fast.

Are you running for the restroom with a case of the runs? Sooner or later most of us will experience this problem. Usually the large intestines soaks up any excess water, but sometimes it doesn`t.

When this happens, that water is eliminated through your stool. Causes range from the infamous "irritable bowel syndrome", to bacteria, parasites and viral attacks.

No need to be left all wet.... follow these natural remedies for diarrhea and your health will be solid again... fast.

Remember that the authors of this site are not doctors and have no training in the health or medical industry. The remedies here are offered as our opinion and are for informational purposes only.

This condition while often just a nuisance can be a serious problem particularly in young children and the elderly. Always check with a health care professional before using these or any other natural remedies. Your health is always your responsibility so be sure to make informed decisions.

Get some solid solutions for your case of the runs!

  • Home remedies for diarrhea #1: When you first start to experience diarrhea do not take remedies or other medication, ( unless directed by a doctor), for the first 12 hours. This is your body`s way of eliminating something bad inside. Only after giving your body a chance to get rid of the bacteria or virus should you begin to give it help in recovering from this condition.

  • Home remedies for diarrhea #2: Drink lots of water. You may think since you are eliminating excess water that you don`t need more, but this can lead to dehydration. We also recommend adding a half a teaspoon of sea salt or mineral salt to 8oz`s of water twice daily. This will add back in lost electrolytes. {If you are salt sensitive or have been directed by a doctor to not use salt, please consult them first before following this remedy}.
  • Home remedies for diarrhea #3: Eat a bowl of oatmeal with black berries. The soluble fiber in the oatmeal will soak up excess water and is gentle on your stomach. The berries have tannins which are natural chemicals which will reduce intestinal inflammation.

  • Home remedies for diarrhea #4: Cook up some extra soft brown rice and add a banana. For this remedy be sure not to use white rice as the fiber has been removed which is important as a bulking agent. To make extra soft, use 3 cups of water to 1 cup of rice and cook. Then add a banana and eat.

    This soft rice is gentle on your system, will add bulk and help move toxins from your body and the banana contains pectin which can soak up excess water.

  • Home remedies for diarrhea #5: Blend an apple and a carrot in a quality blender until it`s a sauce. Apples and carrots are both good sources of pectin a soluble fiber that can soak up excess water. Eat a quarter cup of this puree every couple of hours until finished.

  • Home remedies for diarrhea #6: Chicken soup broth with beefsteak plant. This herb is cousins to the basil leaf and has antibacterial properties that make it an effective remedy for diarrhea. The broth is good for helping your replenish your fluids and the salt adds lost electrolytes.

  • Home remedies for diarrhea #7: A seaweed named Hijiki in Japanese is known for it`s healthy effect on the bowels. This seaweed also is known to promote a calming effect which is helpful as many of us become irritable while suffering this condition. Since stress can inhibit immune function, the calming effect is very useful for healing.

  • Home remedies for diarrhea #8 Miso soup can also be very helpful. It is gentle on the stomach; the sea salt will replenish lost electrolytes and minerals and this soup is high in vitamins A, C, E, which is beneficial for cleansing the body.

  • Herbal remedies for diarrhea #9: As an herbal remedy, goldenseal works great for this condition. It`s main compound is berberine which works in the body like a natural antibiotic and antibacterial agent. Take 300 - 400 milligrams a day until symptoms subside.

    Please note that goldenseal is a powerful herb and while usually safe, can be harmful in some cases if you take too much. Please consult with a herbalist or health care practitioner for directions on proper use.

  • Home remedies for diarrhea #10: Kudzu is a perennial vine most often found in mountainous area`s. The root of this plant is has been used for thousands of years in traditional Asian medicine.

    It is used in the Japanese macrobiotic diet and in Chinese medicine. This root is high in isoflavones which have been found to have many health benefits. You can get this in a powder and use it in soups and as a tea.

    It also is a bulking agent which may help bulk up your runny bowel movements. You can also get this in capsule form. Ask your herbalist how much to use. 10 grams a day is often recommended.

Remember that illness is an imbalance of body, mind and spirit.

To bring ourselves back to a state of health, we recommend that you eat more, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fish and sea vegetation.

Exercise, meditate and do daily deep breathing along with actively practicing a spiritual faith of your choosing.

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