Home remedies for ear infections are just the ticket for children and adults!

Check out these great home remedies for ear infections.

Whether young or old ear aches and infections can be a nuisance at best and a real discomfort at worst. Fortunately there are some great home remedies for both external and internal use that can help bring that infection quickly to an end and preventative measures that can help insure against future recurrences.

When ear infections comes it is usually a symptom of the middle ear which is just behind your eardrum. This drum when working correctly allows for fluid to drain away and it also adjust the pressure in your ear to the pressure outside. The cold virus can cause fluid to get stopped up in the ear and not drain which can cause considerable pain. Bacteria can quickly multiply in this fluid causing an inner ear infection.

Because this fluid can under some circumstances cause permanent damage you should avoid flying if possible when experiencing an ear infection. If your infection last for more than a week or ten days you should go to the doctor.

If you run a temperature above 100 or you experience any dizziness it may be a sign of more serious problems. If an adult experiences many recurring infections it may be a one of several other problems such as high blood pressure... again seek professional help.

  • For some great home remedies for ear infections start with Echinacea. It is not just for colds. Put 7 drops of tincture directly into the ear 4 times daily until infection and discomfort are gone. Echinacea is one of several great home remedies for ear infections that can be taken internally by taking two teaspoons of tincture by mouth 3 times a day.

  • If you or your child is suffering with some pain one of the great home remedies for infections is to warm some olive oil.. not to hot, just warm and apply topically to the ear. This should give immediate relief from pain. This home remedies for ear infections does not kill the virus it only relieves the pain while the other great home remedies for ear infections work to kill the virus.
  • One of the great food remedies for ear infections is my own recipe which is "Japanese Dragon soup" which is similiar to old fashioned chicken soup with dragon fire; be sure to use sea salt or mineral salt and not regular table salt.

    The minerals in these kinds of salt are not found in regular table salt and help rid the body of infection. Make free range chicken soup and add crushed raw garlic and hot chili peppers (dragon fire). The garlic is a great anti-bacterial and the hot peppers has a natural pain killer to ease the pain.

  • Drink plenty of water for ear infections.

  • One of the great home remedies for ear infections is Goldenseal. It is rich in berberine, a natural antibiotic. To use this for ear infections just add one teaspoon of dried goldenseal to a cup of boiled water and let steep for ten minutes. Strain and drink three times daily.

  • If you are in need of one of the great home remedies for ear infections then get out the ear muffs. Heat a half an onion until it is warm, not to hot and wrap it in some thin cotton.. an old tee shirt will do. Place it on the ear and use the muffins to hold in place. The chemicals in the onions will increase circulation to the ear and flush away the bacteria and other toxins.

  • Since blood and bacteria stagnate in area`s of infection, one of the great home remedies for ear infections is to heat a basin of water and place a cup of epsom salt into it and have yourself a good foot soak. This will not only relax you, but will get your blood and other fluid moving to draw out infection and the epsom salt will draw out toxins through your skin.

  • Saint-Johns-wort is not just for depression but is one of the great home remedies for ear infections used by those in the know. Warm a few drops of this oil, ( not to hot, just warm), and place into the infected ear. Use a cotton ball to keep the oil from running out. You should do this once a day for up to 4 days.

  • Take 1000 milligrams of vitamin C for ear infection as this powerful antioxidant aids healing.

  • For children who have recurring ear infections on of the best of the home remedies for ear infections is to increase their consumption of strawberries and plums. These two fruits have a special kind of sugar that in clinical studies have been found to reduce ear infections in children by up to 40%.

    For adults it is suggested that you take one umeboshi a day. This plum is pickled and has a sour and salty taste but is well known to aid digestion and for ear infections and other illness caused by bacterial is a powerful anti-bacterial.

Remember that illness of any kind is an indication that there is some kind of imbalance in your life. This may be diet, improper breathing, stress, lack of exercise or a failure to connect with God and your spiritual nature.

When you achieve balance in these area`s you will find that illness of all kinds will often leave you completely. Please be sure to check other sections on this site for the other forms of home remedies to bring balance in your life such as spiritual pursuits, meditation, stones and magnet and others.

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