Home Remedies for Earache!

Home remedies for Earache ends the infection fast.

Earaches are less common in adults then in children because children`s ears have an unprotected horizontal passage from the nasal area to the outer ear which in fully developed adults is protected by a vertical tube which blocks bacteria and other infectious bugs from entering.

Adults can and do sometimes get an infection in the outer or middle ear. Swimmers ear is a common example of this. If you have chronic ear infections then one possible culprit might be food allergies.

If you find you have food allergies consider doing a body detox. Many have the misconception that if you have a food allergy you can never again eat that food, but that is rarely the case. Usually once you have detoxed and given the body enough opportunity to recoup you can reintroduce that food into your diet.

Home Remedies for Earache that work!

  • Home remedies for earache #1: Try Reflexology. You can have someone massage the bottom and sides of your four small toes on the same foot as the ear that is the problem, or both sets of toes. If you don`t have someone to do it for you, you can massage them yourself.

  • Home remedies for earache #2: Eat more Garlic. Eating two cloves of raw garlic a day can help many health issues including earache. You can use garlic externally as well. Finely grate or crush a clove so that the oil inside is released. Place this in a table spoon of olive oil and soak overnight, (24 hours is better). Warm to body temperature. Strain and place 2 drops on a cotton ball. Gently place in the ear and leave 40 minutes to an hour.

  • Home remedies for earache #3: Learn more about the health benefits of apple cider vinegar. Mix 1/3 apple cider vinegar with 2/3`s steaming water and place the ear over the steam. Be sure not to scold yourself. This remedy is good for both adults and children as it relieves pain, kills bacteria and has other health benefits.

  • Home remedies for earache #4: Hot foot bath. I know it sounds strange to treat the feet when its an earache you`re treating, but many of you will find this natural remedy works well. While doing a relaxing 30 minute foot bath also place a hot compress on both ears for extra benefit.

  • Vitamin and mineral remedies for earache #5: Understanding that nutrition plays an important role both in the prevention of illness as well as in healing is a fundamental principle of home remedies. Eating foods high in the following vitamins along with supplementing can help heal and prevent an earache. 10,000 IU of vitamin A, 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C, 20 milligrams of zinc, 400 milligrams of vitamin E, and vitamin B complex, (all your B`s).

  • Aromatherapy remedies for earache #6: Use essential oils for fast, effective relief. Lavender as well as having a very relaxing effect is also an antiseptic. Place 3 or 4 drops of this in some steaming water and place a towel over your head and the steam and inhale for ten minutes. Be careful not to scald yourself.
  • Herbal remedies for earache #7: For a herbal treatment take Echinacea and Marsh-mallow root.Echinacea has an antiseptic effect and mash-mallow root helps relieve congestion among other health benefits. Mix equal amounts of these tinctures and take a teaspoon of this mixture with 6 ounces of water morning and night. Ask you herbalist or health care professional about dosage.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Make the home remedies on this site your first step to regaining your health.

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