Home remedies for hangovers get you past your Morning of Misery!

Home remedies for hangovers can bring fast relief.

OK... so someone keeps slamming your head with a sledge hammer, you`re sweating profusely, and all you want to do is throw up. As you head for the bathroom you think to yourself... "I`m never drinking like that again".

Does this sound like the routine? I guess all of us that have had a drink sooner or later has at least one occasion like this... and many of us have many more then one. If its your morning of misery then the following remedies have helped many. We also have included some preventative measures... for the next time.

Like all remedies you should consult a doctor before use. The authors of this site are not doctors and have no training in the health or medical industry and do not diagnose, treat or cure illness of any kind. Our idea`s are simply our opinions based on our personal experiences and those of our friends and others.

While we believe these to be safe and effective you should always consult a health care professional before using these or any other natural remedies. Your health is always your responsibility and you should make fully informed decisions.

Alcohol dehydrates the body as well as striping the body of needed minerals. It causes blood vessels in your head to dilate which is the cause of that sledge hammer that keeps hitting you in the head. Alcohol also leads to a condition known as acidosis which means you blood, (which is ordinarily alkaline), has become acidic. This condition is responsible for your feelings of nausea and sweating.

Home Remedies for Hangovers!

  • Home remedies for hangovers #1: To get you rehydrate and to replace the minerals you should start with 2 glasses of water with a sprinkle of sea salt or mineral salt to replace the minerals and electrolytes lost during your night of indulgence.
  • Home remedies for hangovers #2: Drink a large glass of tomato juice. This will not only continue to rehydrate you, but the natural sugars will help your body metabolize any alcohol left in your system from the night before. Other vegetable and fruit juices are also good. Fruits and vegetables are alkaline and will help restore the bodies balance.

  • Home remedies for hangovers #3: Drink two cups of green tea. While tea and coffee are known as diuretics and can dehydrate you, the caffeine will help narrow the swollen blood vessels in your head. The anti-oxidants will help clean the toxins from your liver that came from the alcohol. Coffee can be substituted for the caffeine, but is a poor substitute because it lacks many of the anti-oxidants found in green tea.

  • Home remedies for hangovers #4: Eat a bowl of oatmeal with any kind of berries. The fiber in the oats will help remove toxins from the body. The natural sugar in the berries will help metabolize any alcohol in the system and the anti-oxidants will further help remove toxins from the liver.

  • Home remedies for hangovers #5: Prepare a basin of hot water with Epsom salt. This will have a surprisingly relaxing effect on you. When your blood vessels became swollen, blood stagnated in those area`s further exasperating your headache. The hot water and Epsom salt will draw blood from your head to your feet relieving pressure in the head and lessening your headache. The Epsom salt will draw toxins out through your skin further eliminating your symptoms.

  • Home remedies for hangovers #6: In Asian medicine you can get a tincture of the Kudzu vine, (pueraria), from your herbalist or at your finer health food stores. Research has shown this tincture to be effective in relieving hangovers and for those wanting to stop drinking has been shown to helpful in eliminating cravings for alcohol.

  • Home remedies for hangovers #7: Lavender essential oil used with a diffuser will fill the room with a relaxing aroma to help calm the nerves. This calming effect will help your body become more alkaline.

  • Home remedies for hangovers #8: Meditation along with deep breathing will help calm you and bring back balance to the body and mind.

  • Home remedies for hangovers #9: Eat a hot red pepper or sprinkle some cayenne pepper in a glass of water and drink. It has a natural pain killer to help alleviate some of the symptoms.

  • Home remedies for hangovers #10: Umeboshi is a pickled plum. It is used as a traditional food in Japan. You can find these in international and Asian markets. Among its many uses a special acid in this sour fruit helps stimulate liver function making it useful for hangovers. The salt will help add electrolytes lost during drinking.

Hangover prevention!

You can often prevent a hangover first, by eating some fish fried in olive oil and cabbage salad with apple cider vinegar and olive oil dressing before you begin drinking, ( these healthy oils, cabbage and acidic dressing will help slow down the absorption of the alcohol), and second, drink 4 oz`s of water for every two beers or one shot of hard alcohol to stave off dehydration.

Why do you drink? Does it really get you what you want?

We usually drink because in one way or another we want to get outside ourselves for a while. We want to relax, or fit in with our friends, or we want to be more outgoing, or to the extreme we want to drown our bad feelings. The question is why can`t we do those things with out alcohol?

Best advice, don`t drink! I am not here to judge you or preach a sermon and above I do have some help for your morning after (drinking) misery if you are going to drink. But alcohol often negatively affects the body and emotional state of being , as well as negatively affecting the mind and spirit and therefore is not recommended.

If you choose to drink, I hope the above will help you, but if you want a healthier way to achieve those things you drink for, I hope you will explore this site. Remember that illness of any kind is an imbalance of body, mind and spirit. If we want to have health we must find proper balance in all things.

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