Home remedies for headaches bring fast relief!

Home remedies for headaches work fast, naturally.

An estimated 30% of all Americans suffer with some form of regularly occurring headache or migraine. Similar statistics can be found throughout Europe and elsewhere.

So why are we suffering so much with this problem? Many doctors are unsure. What is generally believed is that food allergies, stress, toxins in the environment, food and water, dehydration and lack of sleep are some of the leading causes.

When I married my husband he was taking five goody brand powders a day... everyday, and sometimes more. If you read the instructions it says to take one powder. Each contain the equivalent to 2 regular strength aspirin and 1 regular strength Tylenol.

That means my husband was taking 10 aspirin and 5 Tylenol everyday and more on a bad day. He had developed a condition some believe is caused by taking over the counter pain relievers on a regular basis in-which an addiction to the pain relievers cause headaches when you don`t take them similar to someone who has caffeine or alcohol addiction may get headaches and other withdrawal symptoms.

Some important things you can do to overcome this problem in our opinion is to reduce stress, eliminate any foods you think may be contributing for 90 days and then reintroduce them back into your diet one at a time to see if one or more causes the same problem again, drink a glass of water every hour from when you first wake until 3 hours before bed and get 7- 8 hours of sleep. In addition the following home remedies for headaches have been found by many to be very useful.

Remember that we are not doctors and do not diagnose, treat or cure disease or illness of any kind. The home remedies offered here are for informational purposes only and our personal opinions or the opinions of  others. Chronic headaches can sometimes be an indication of a more serious condition. You should always check with your health care professional before using these or any other home remedies. Health is always your responsibility and making informed decisions is always the best choice.

Meditation for stress relief!
Home remedies for headaches #1: Stress is a leader contributor to many of today`s chronic illness`s. From mild to migraine headaches to conditions such as high blood pressure and heart disease. Learning how to meditate is one of the first, and ( in our opinion), one of the most important things you can do to relieve stress and the headaches that often accompany it.

Prevent dehydration!
Home remedies for headaches #2: Millions of people all over the world are suffering dehydration and don`t even know it. This condition causes everything from weight gain to fatigue to... you guessed it... headaches and migraine. Teach yourself to drink a tall glass of water as soon as you wake up. Then drink a glass every hour up until 3 hours before bed. For many of you relief from this new practice will bring noticeable results with-in days and for others with-in weeks.

Body Detox!
Home remedies for headaches #3: Toxins are in our environment, food supply and our drinking water. Even when you take a hot shower you absorb the chlorine in the water equal to drinking 8 glasses of unfiltered tap water. Our bodies have a wonder system to cleanse itself of toxins, but todays world overloads this system and the toxins are too much for it and so they get built up in our body. If you want to bring your body to a better state of health and reduce a major contributor to headaches and migraines then you need to do a body detox. After detoxing you will be amazed at how relaxed and full of energy you feel.

Apple Cider Vinegar brings relief!
Home remedies for headaches #4: Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the oldies but goodies for many ailments including headache relief. No one is sure why this vinegar works, but it has been used for centuries for this problem. Take a large bowl of steaming hot water and place a quarter cup of the vinegar into it and place a towel over your head and the bowl to breath in the steam. Be careful not to get so close you burn yourself. You can also do this with a vaporizer.

Food that brings relief!
Home remedies for headaches #5: It has been found that those who suffer most from chronic headaches are often low on the minerals magnesium, calcium and iron. Modern medicine doesn`t yet know what the connection is to the low levels of these minerals and chronic headaches, but it none the less often seems to be the case that many with low levels of these minerals in their body suffer more often then those who don`t. To get more magnesium start including more dark leafy greens in your diet. You can also include a handful of nuts and seeds to increase your levels of this important mineral.

For those who think that dairy is the best source for calcium... think again. For dairy a cup of milk tops the list with 300 milligrams of calcium which is about 30% of the recommended Daily Value (DV). But for those of you new to this site, we don`t recommend dairy and believe you should remove it from your diet or at least greatly limit it. Seaweeds are some of the foods highest in this and other minerals. One or two servings,(100g), of hijiki has a full days supply of calcium, (1400 milligrams). Nori is a dried seaweed often used to wrap sushi has 410 milligrams of calcium per 100g. Wakame has 100 milligrams per 100g.

For iron these some seaweeds top the list. Hijiki has 55 mg of iron per 100g servings which is about 300% of the DV. Nori has 13 milligrams, but wakame has only 1 milligram of calcium per 100g servings. Spinach is also a good source for all three minerals however not quite as good as the seaweeds mentioned. Many other vegetables are good sources of one or more so be sure to include 7 - 9 servings a day for complete nutrition.

Aromatherapy for headache relief!
Home remedies for headaches #6: Essential oils are ancient medicines and continue to be effective for millions around the world. For headaches combine the 4 drops of lavender together with 4 drops of peppermint oil in 20 drops of olive oil and rub on the temples.

Herbal relief for headaches!
Home remedies for headaches #7: Feverfew has been found in many cases to work as well as many over the counter pain relievers for headaches of many kinds. You can take capsules of a 100 milligrams a day or you can use a tincture of ten drops in a cup of water and drink. You can also take a leaf and place on a sandwich or salad and eat. Since headaches are often caused by inflammation in the body ginger tea often brings quick relief. Drinking ginger tea daily can also reduce inflammation in the body and head off headaches before they come.

Remember the illness of all kinds come from an imbalance of the body, mind and spirit. To re-balance these we recommend you eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fish and sea vegetation. Exercise, meditate and do daily deep breathing. We also recommend you find a spiritual faith of your choosing.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Why not make these home remedies your first step to better health.

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