Home Remedies for Heartburn!

Home Remedies for Heartburn, the natural way to fast relief.

Heartburn is caused both by the production of too much stomach acid and by too little. As we age our stomachs produce less stomach acid and less saliva which can lead to the bodies inability to properly digest foods which can give us heartburn.

Eating large meals or meals with lots of fat or dairy also contribute greatly to this condition by causing an over production of stomach acid. When we take antacids this reduces the acid in our stomach which can lead to an ever increasing occurrence of the very problem they are intended to stop.

Work with the body to end the cycle of misery after meal!
  • Home remedies for heartburn #1: Mix a half a teaspoon of baking soda with 5 drops of lemon juice in 3/4 a cup of warm water. While rare, Baking soda alone can react violently when it hits the stomach acids and damage the lining of the stomach. Adding the lemon juice is believed to stop this from happening.
  • Home remedies for heartburn #2: Fresh carrot juice. If you have a juicer or even a high quality blender you can take a half a carrot and juice or blend it and drink. Vegetables like carrots are very alkaline and can tame the acid burn of over indulgence.

  • Home remedies for heartburn #3: Meadowsweet herbal tea. This herb, native to Europe, is used as an aid for heartburn and generally to aid stomach health. It has been used for hundreds of years.

    It is often recommended that you use this as an infusion for heartburn. Add freshly boiled water to the leaves and dried flower tops. Let simmer for 10 minutes, strain and drink 88 ml every 3 - 4 hours as needed.

  • Home remedies for heartburn #4: A cup of Aloe gel, (be sure to take the form made for internal use), straight or diluted.

    It will help keep the esophagus in good order and cool the burn.

  • Home remedies for heartburn #5: The oldest and most trusted heartburn relief among many herbalist is ginger tea. Simply grate a teaspoon of ginger root and place in a cup.

    Fill the cup with hot water and steep for 11 minutes and drink. Ginger is a great herb used for many ailments. Learn more about the useful remedies this root is good for.

  • Home remedies for heartburn #6: Chamomile is a calming herb that is not only good for calming ones spirit and emotions, but also the stomach.

    Drink chamomile tea at night a couple of hours before bed to help prevent bedtime heartburn.

  • Home remedies for heartburn #7: The regular use of apple cider vinegar is tried and true way to prevent heartburn. Take at least two teaspoons in a glass of water every morning.

    Best is to take one or two teaspoons in a glass of water 10 or 15 minutes before each meal. Apple cider vinegar has enzymes that help breakdown protein and fats which often cause the over production of stomach acid which in-turn leads to heartburn.

    In addition it encourages the glands which produce saliva to start working. Saliva will start the digestion process reducing the need for stomach acid and is alkaline so further discourages heartburn.

The ABC`s for avoiding Heartburn!
  1. Eat 4 - 5 small meals rather then one or two big ones. Over eating causes the stomach to over produce stomach acid which will lead to heartburn.

    Slow down when you`re eating. By eating more slowly and chewing your food well you produce more saliva which starts the digestion process. This will aid the stomach and reduce the need for excess stomach acid.

  2. Cut down on carbonated drinks, high fat foods and alcohol. These all trigger stomach acid production. Don`t eat or drink alcohol 3 hours before bed as this will lead to night time heartburn.

  3. Lose weight and quit smoking. I know how hard this sounds.

    My husband smoked 3 packs a day of Marlboro in the red pack for 20 years. In his late 30`s he gained weight to 330 lbs, (150kg).

    He quit smoking 10 years ago and has now lost 90lbs and counting. He also felt it was impossible when he first began.

    In addition to the obvious problems smoking and weight gain caused he was also buying antacids by the large bottle fulls to fight his constant heartburn.

    By quitting smoking and losing weight along with the other remedies mentioned above he has now not suffered even a mild case of heartburn for over 2 years.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Make the home remedies on this site your first step to a healthy lifestyle.

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