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home remedies for nausea
We all know that what goes up must come down, but sometimes what goes down must come up. Occasionally nausea can be a signal of a serious condition, but it is usually just a sign that something has irritated the lining of your stomach.

It is not recommended that you force vomiting, but you also shouldn`t try to stop it. In most cases you will feel better after throwing up. In the brain is a spot that activates the feeling of nausea that may or may not lead to vomiting. It is often a sign of food poisoning, flu, morning sickness or hangover among other things.

These symptoms can sometimes be serious and if there is even a small reason for concern, you should consult a doctor or health care professional.

However, for typical causes of nausea the following are often very helpful in bringing  relief.

Since what goes down sometimes must come up... try these remedies!
  • Home remedies for Nausea #1: Ginger has been used for thousands of years to quell stomach discomfort. Grate a quarter inch chunk of ginger and steep in hot water for 10 minutes. Strain and add some nutmeg and drink. Enjoy a couple ginger snaps with this tea and you`ll be feeling better in no time.
  • Remedies for Nausea #2: If your upset stomach is from a hangover, try some miso soup. This fermented soy paste can be found in health food stores and Asian markets. It has long been used for hangover and alcohol abuse. It cleans the body of harmful substances, replaces lost electrolytes from your night of indulgence and protects the liver. Grate some ginger and put in the soup for added relief.

  • Home remedies for Nausea #3: Peppermint herb tea often works great. Add a half to a whole teaspoon of honey and you have a great natural remedy for nausea.

  • Remedies for Nausea #4: Devil`s tongue jelly is called Konnyaku in Japanese. This jelly made from the root of the plant has many uses for health. For nausea warm this jelly and wrap it in a thin cotton cloth. A clean tea shirt or thin towel will do. While the jelly is still warm place it on the stomach and lay still on your back with your head tilted up, (like you would do if you were reading or watching T.V. in bed), for 10 - 20 minutes. It will soothe the upset stomach.

  • Home remedies for Nausea #5: Try some easy Acupressure. Lift your left arm up with palm facing up. Take your first 3 fingers to measure from the first crease where the wrist bends back to the third finger, (close to where you would take a pulse, but more in the middle of the wrist). At that pressure point take your thumb and firmly press. Apply pressure with your thumb while deep breathing for one to two minutes. Then do the other arm. This often works... try it!

  • Remedies for Nausea #6: Eat a few soda crackers. Plain foods are easy to digest and in small amounts can sometimes ease stomach discomfort. If you are vomiting you shouldn`t eat anything until at least one hour from the last time you threw up.

  • Home remedies for Nausea #7: Activated charcoal is inexpensive and can often alleviate upset stomach. You can get this at most health food stores. Two tablespoons in an eight ounce glass of water.

  • Remedies for Nausea #8: Two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in 8oz`s of water can help some causes of nausea. This remedy is particularly good if it is morning sickness or mild food poisoning.

  • Home remedies for Nausea #9: For those suffering nausea from morning sickness, raspberries have been found to be useful. Enjoy a small bowel of raspberries in the morning. Also you can go to your herbalist or health food stores and ask for raspberry preps for this condition.

  • Home remedies for Nausea #10: Umeboshi is an effective remedy for those suffering nausea related to hangover, motion sickness or food poisoning. This sour plum can be purchased in Asian and International markets and finer health food stores.

    It is a Japanese power house remedy for many ailments and has been used for centuries in Japan.

    For nausea grill this plum until slightly burnt and mix into a hot cup of green tea and a half teaspoon of honey.

Remember that illness of any kind is an imbalance in the body, mind and spirit. To regain this balance eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish and sea vegetation. Meditate, do daily deep breathing and actively practice a spiritual faith of your choosing.

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