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Irritable bowel syndrome is a common, often undiagnosed condition suffered by more and more people world wide. In part this is because we continue to increase our consumption of heavily processed and chemically lased food, sugary foods and an ever increasing amount of meats. As we eat more of the aforementioned foods, we eat less and less of whole, natural and fibrous foods which could help relieve us of this condition.

IBS home remedies can not only help end this condition, but are often the very components of a healthy lifestyle!
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  • IBS home remedies #1: Food therapy. Eat more whole foods high in fiber. Fiber is good for the bowels to keep them regular and for removing toxins from the body. Fresh vegetables, beans, fruits and some nuts like almonds are good choices.

    Dairy, meats, heavily processed foods with hydrogenated oils and high sugar contents and greasy foods should be avoided or greatly reduced.

  • IBS home remedies #2: Anger and stress are major contributors to many of today`s chronic conditions. To reduce stress and feelings of anger eat a more healthy diet as nutrition often plays an important role in hormone and other chemical productions of the body that effect emotional feelings. Learn basic meditation as Harvard and other studies have shown they produce the relaxation response.

  • IBS home remedies #3: Learn the facts about vitamins and other nutritional components and how they play a role in preventing and remedying this and other health concerns.
  • IBS home remedies #4: As herbal treatments Peppermint and Licorice tea`s often work great. Licorice is a natural anti-inflammatory. Peppermint is an antispasmodic.

    When suffering from irritable bowel syndrome it is often because the bowel is inflamed from the overload of toxins and hard to digest foods...licorice tea drank daily can relieve this condition.

    For peppermint many herbalist say that using the oil to make a tea is useful for this condition. If following this advise you would place 3 drops of oil in a quarter cup of hot water and drink in the morning and again at night.

    However, in British studies it was found that when taken in a specially coated pill called, ("enteric coated"), that helps determine where the oil is absorbed by the body, it worked the best. When no coating was used the British studies showed the body absorbed the oil before it reached the colon and therefore had no effect on remedying the irritable bowel condition.

    We personally believe the tea to be effective, however if you try it and have no success then go to your herbalist or health food store and ask for enteric coated peppermint pills and follow the packages dosage recommendations.

  • IBS home remedies #5: Exercise. As already mentioned stress and feelings of anger are major contributors to this condition and exercise helps relieve those feelings. In addition exercise gets your bowels moving and aids many important functions of the body.

    When you exercise you sweat which helps remove toxins which also helps relieve this condition. Learn basic Yoga or Tai Chi or simply take a 30 minute brisk walk each day. Of course if you are under a doctors care be sure to consult them first.

  • IBS home remedies #6: We often see problems like irritable bowel syndrome as only a physical problem. As such we look to modern medicine for some magic potion or quick fix.

    We want to continue to do the same things we always have, but some how get a different result. As long as you live as you have been... you will get the same result. If your choices have lead to an inflamed bowel then you need to consider changing your habits.

    Many of us see our bodies, minds and spirits as separate. Understanding that they are connected can bring back balance. We recommend finding a spiritual faith of your choosing as one of the natural remedies for this condition.

    Both in clinical style studies under the rigors of scientific guidelines, as well in practical observation it has been found that those who actively practice their spiritual or religious faith have more peace and resolve which often leads to greater health.

  • IBS home remedies #7: Marriage can have an effect on this condition and our health in general. In the modern world the institution of marriage has become more of an amusement ride. We get on and stay on as long as it is fun.. and when it`s not..we get off. For others, many are choosing to remain single.

    It is our belief that marriage is part of the design of creation. For those of you that want a scientific approach, you should know that Harvard, Yale and others have done clinical style studies on the effects on health of those in committed marriages compared to those in other forms of relationships and those with no relationship.

    It has been clearly demonstrated that those in a marriage where both partners are committed to each other and the marriage have a significant advantage with health.

    Relating to this condition... married couples are more likely to eat home prepared meals rather then eating out. When experiencing difficult times married couples are able to rely on each other, reducing stress and feelings of frustration and anger.

    For those interested in a spiritual faith that centers around marriage and family you can learn about The Family Federation for World Peace.

Remember that illness is an imbalance of body, mind and spirit. To regain balance we recommend eating more whole foods, practice daily deep breathing and meditation, prayer, develop a strong family and married life and actively practice a spiritual faith of your choosing.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Make the home remedies on this site your first step to a healthy lifestyle.

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