Lavender Herb for the purification of
 Body and Mind!

Lavender herb has been used from very early times and is among the miracle herbs one can use as a home remedy for anxiousness, insomnia and for many conditions relating to body and mind.

Lavender is related to mints. From ancient times the herb lavender has been used to aid the healing of wounds and burns, in baths for skin and to relieve stress.

Used in baths it is believed to wisk away stress and thouroghly cleanse the body. As an important herb it was among the first brought to The America`s during the early 1600`s.

The herb lavender has close to 200 compounds in it. When applying the oil onto your skin it penetrates so quickly that it can be detected in the blood in less then 5 minutes.

The herb lavender is now growing all over the world and it`s importance continues to grow. It is believed by many to increase sexual desire in both men and women and some even believe it aids in keeping your spouse or lover faithful. While there is no scientific evidence that it can do that, there is mounting evidence that the lavender herb can be very useful for many conditions of mind and body.

Lavender`s most notable actions:
  • Aids Digestion

  • Anger Relief

  • Anti-depressant

  • AntiFlatulent

  • Antioxident

  • Caffeine Dependency Relief

  • Gallbladder Detoxifier

  • Irritability

  • Menstrual Cramping

  • Menopausal Sleep Disorders

  • Nervous System Aid

  • Relieves Muscle Spasms

  • Stimulates Blood Flow

  • Wounds heal faster and often without scaring

Notice: We are not doctors and have no medical training. We do not diagnose, treat or cure disease or illness of any kind. We highly recommend you consult a doctor, health care specialist or highly trained professional herbalist before using these or any home remedies.

Lavender Herb is often recommended for the following conditions.

Anxiety | Asthma | Athletes Feet | Burns | Chapped Lips | Depression | Earache | Headaches | Indigestion | Insomnia |

Start using Lavender today. Often use it in your bath. Not only will your skin love it, but you will come out feeling truly refreshed. This is a great herb for meditation and for preparing for sleep. If you are experiencing feelings of restlessness you will likely find the herb lavender to be of great benefit.

Illness is in our opinion an imbalance of the body, mind and spirit connection. Get reconnected by eating more whole foods, exercise, practice meditation and deep breathing, pray and find a spiritual practice of your choosing.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Make the lavender herb and other home remedies on this site your first step to a healthier you.

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