Meditation for couples unites two into one!

Meditation for couples can greatly improve your health! Learn how...

As married couples it is far to easy to get caught up in the day to day routines of life and get more and more distant from one another. More and more studies are showing that stress is a major contributor to today's preventable diseases.

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meditation for couples
Other test reveal that couples in a loving marriage are greatly protected from the damage of stress. How is this? It seems that helpful hormones are released and harmful ones are blocked in people that experience the love of a spouse.

Although they experience similar difficulties, their bodies and emotional states are less affected.

It takes effort and loving action to create a relationship that provides the loving energy that can protect emotional and physical health. One great way is with meditation for couples.

The very act of taking the time and making the effort of being together and doing something for the good of the relationship is a considerable stride toward a happy marriage. It is so easy to give excuses why you don`t have time.

Remember, if you try to "find the time" to practice meditation for couples, you never will... if you feel it is important the you must "make the time".

How to do Meditation For Couples

  • Sit in a straight back chair face to face or on the floor in a lotus position, again face to face.

  • Sit with feet together and close enough that your toes touch.

  • One hand facing up and the other hand facing down and your spouse should mirror this and the two of you hold hands.

  • Before beginning meditation spend 3 minutes in this position gazing into each others eyes and hug each other with your eyes. Imagine your loving embrace flowing from your eyes to your spouses entire being.

  • Now close your eyes and breath in on the count of 4. As you breath in imagine that your spouses love is entering your body.

  • Hold for a count of 4. As you hold, imagine your spouses love and positive energy is joining with your loving energy.

  • Now breath out on count of 8. As you breath out imagine all your love and positive energy is going into the center between you and your spouse for them to breath in.

  • With each breath imagine that your toes and hands are melting into one another becoming as one person.

  • Imagine that your hearts are beating as one.

  • Continue this for at least 7 minutes.

  • After doing this breathing exercise and receiving of each others love, now you want to open yourselves up to the entire universe.

  • Begin chanting the Universal sound of "OM" in unison.

  • While chanting Om together imagine that the two bodies that have united into one now unite as part of the room.

  • Then expand that to the neighborhood, then nation and world and finally the Universe. Try to imagine the one that is you and your spouse as light with the light of the Universe, while continueing to chant together Om.

  • Continue this for at least 2 more minutes.

  • To finish go back to taking deep breaths in on the count of 4 while saying together, "I am alive", "I am loved".

  • Hold for count of 4 feeling each others love.

  • Breath out on count of 4 saying "Thank you". Do this 3 - 4 times.

  • To finish, stand and hug, look gentle into each others eyes and say "I love you for ever", and kiss.

If you will faithfully do this at least 3 times a week together and best is daily, I can promise you will see great improvement in emotional state, energy, physical well-being and you will feel joy and happiness. Come on, lets try. Lets do meditation for couples.

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