Natural cures for erectile dysfunction get you up fast!

Natural cures for erectile dysfunction give you back control!

Natural cures for erectile dysfunction gets the blood flowing again.

E.D. is not just in your head. Millions suffer this affliction around the world. The most common physical causes are high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and clogged arteries. Stress and having multiple partners are some of the emotional and psychological reasons behind this condition.
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natural cures for erectile dysfunction

In America alone it is estimated that almost 50 million adult men experience some erectile dysfunction. That is close to half of all adult men in America. Many countries have similar statistics.

Learn the secrets that keep all but a small minority of Asian men from suffering this condition.

Some countries such as Japan fare much better though. It is estimated that around 5 million Japanese men experience impotence at least some times. This is roughly 12% of adult men in Japan. This is not due to some genetic disposition.

Most Japanese men have stressful lives commuting an average of 90 minutes each way which is 3 hours a day. They commonly work 10 or more hours at their jobs and they have many of the same stress`s as those in other countries. Many drink, smoke and stay out late.

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erectile dysfunction cures

So what protects them when others are affected. It is generally believed that traditional foods and daily exercise along with most practicing monogamous, marital sex is all thought to be the most important reasons for the lower incidence of impotence.

 As we witness more and more Japanese adopting western diets and more promiscuous life styles we also see the incident of E.D. rising. It is estimated that 85% of all erectile dysfunction is from physical causes. 15% are from emotional or psychological causes.

 Because E.D. is often a sign of serious conditions such as heart disease and diabetes if you are experiencing this condition you need to talk to a health care professional. It is the opinion of the authors of this site that natural remedies can greatly help you, but you should discuss it first with someone who understands your medical or psychological details.

The authors of this site are not doctors and have no training in the health care industry. We believe the natural remedies here are generally safe and useful, but we offer them only as our opinions and for informational purposes.

To avoid the dreaded words...
"It`s ok honey, it happens to everyone"
...try these natural cures!
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kama sutra erectile dysfunction cures

  • Natural cures for erectile dysfunction #1: We are in many ways what we eat. Processed foods are unnatural and lack the energy giving components of live whole foods. Our whole system becomes depleted of energy eating processed, chemical lased foods because our bodies were designed to get the nutrition from natural sources rather then the man made ones. Reduce your fat intake and eat foods that help lower cholesterol to improve sexual function.

  • Natural cures for erectile dysfunction #2: The mind is a powerful force. You can use the power of the mind to overcome impotence whether the symptoms stem from physical or psychological conditions. Sit in a straight back chair or in a meditative pose and close your eyes.

    Take a moment to bring calmness by doing some deep breathing. As you breath in through your nose on the count of 4 say to yourself, "I am alive", hold for a count of 4 and breath out through your mouth on the count of 8 and say, "Thank you". Do this deep breathing 4 or 5 times.

    As you breath in imagine a soft blue light is entering your body, as blue is often associated with healing. As you breath out imagine a gray fog is leaving and with it any illness.

    Now imagine you are in a beautiful meadow in mid spring. The trees are full with leaves and the flowers are blooming. A gentle breeze is blowing. Sit underneath one of the trees and begin to see a soft blue light completely covering your body. Now begin to imagine that at the groin area is a magenta color, (purple, pink color like a dark hot pink), is brightly shining out of the soft blue light. Now imagine seeing your partner off in the distance.

    Feel your pelvis begin to throb with anticipation. Feel yourself growing to a stiffness you havn`t felt since you were 18 years old. See this in your mind all the way to conclusion with successful love making with your wife. This may feel awkward or silly or even embarrassing the first couple of times, but if you do this with a sincere heart it will bring results. Get your partner to meditate with you and when finished spend some romantic time together and if it feels right finish this time together with love making.

    If you think this is just a bunch of nonsense, consider this; numerous Universities have done studies on sports players and found that those that practice only using their imaginations would make similar improvements to those who actually did physical practice. The mind has power...use it!

  • Natural cures for erectile dysfunction #3: Learn some basic yoga to improve physical conditioning and improve blood flow. You don`t have to learn a lot of complicated poses. Learn just the basics. Maybe seven to ten basic poses that can be done by most and do these poses daily for 10 - 20 minutes will go a long way in helping improve your body conditioning.

  • Natural cures for erectile dysfunction #4: Kegel exercises are used to train those have urinary problems to control when and how often they urinate. These exercises have also been found to increase sexual performance, firmness of erection and many report it enhances orgasm. We will be offering instruction on these exercises in the near future, but until then please go to your local library and find information it or look on the internet.

  • Natural cures for erectile dysfunction #5: Pink monkey-flower is a deep pink or purple-pink color flower and is associated with mens sexual performance. You can also use Pink monkey-flower essence from your herbal shop to enhance performance.

  • Natural cures for erectile dysfunction #6: Since impotence is often associated with things like hearth disease and clog arteries using Passionflower is helpful for this condition. An herb used for hundreds of years is believed helpful in fighting the causes of heart disease which can also help E.D. This herb also helps relieve stress and anxiety which are also leading causes to erectile dysfunction.

  • Natural cures for erectile dysfunction #7: Ginkgo and ginseng are two must have herbal treatment.

  • Natural cures for erectile dysfunction #8: Vitamin A deficiency has been found to be the cause of this condition in some men. Eat more foods high in this vitamin and supplement with 15,000 IU a day with your doctors approval.

  • Natural cures for erectile dysfunction #9: The fava bean has a natural component often used to fight Parkinson's disease and increases blood flow particularly to the groin area. Include more of these beans in your regular diet to help fight impotence.

Remember that illness is an imbalance in body, mind and spirit. To regain balance we suggest you eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish and sea vegetation. Meditate, do daily deep breathing and actively practice a spiritual faith of your choosing.

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