Natural cures for skin rash bring cool relief!

Natural cures for skin rash is Mother Natures medicine for cool, soothing healing.

Your skin is the largest vital organ in your entire body. It is charged with the responsibility of helping control body temperature, aid in protecting internal organs and when working correctly it eliminates as many toxins from the body as Kidneys, Bowels and Lungs do. The skin is often the first indicator of something wrong with-in the body.

Skin rashes are just the signal of an internal problem or external abuse. From eating processed and chemical laden foods to cosmetics to environmental pollutants to sunscreens and detergents to clothing made with allergy causing chemicals to jewelry with nickle in the metal to poisonous plants, there seems to be an endless supply of things which can and do cause skin rashes of all kinds.

Mother Nature can help you fight back against Skin Rash!

  • Natural cures for skin rash #1: Over washing can remove important oils from the skin. While in America with my husband I was very surprised to learn that Americans typically take showers and rarely take baths. In Japanese culture we see bathing as very important and rarely shower. Start taking baths instead showers.

    It wont take long for you to become comfortable with the change and the benefits are many. Bathing removes less of the important oils that let your skin remain healthy. A soothing bath can be very relaxing, removing stress which can further help many area`s of health, including the skins.
  • Natural cures for skin rash #2: Stop irritating the skin with soaps and detergents that are full of chemicals. It may be a little more expensive to buy, but will ultimately save you on health concerns if you learn to go more natural and that includes your soaps, shampoos and laundry detergents.

  • Natural cures for skin rash #3: Use essential oils to improve the health of your skin. Most essential oils are too strong to put directly on your skin without using a carrier oil. Place several drops of chamomile or lavender oil in Olive oil and massage into the affected area`s. Ask a knowledgeable person at your local health food or essential oils outlet about the proper use of essential oils on your skin.

  • Natural cures for skin rash #4: Oatmeal is not only a great healthy breakfast, but can also be used to sooth skin rash. Take two cups of oatmeal and place into a quality blender and blend until its a fine powder. Place into water and enjoy some soothing, relaxing, skin rejuvenating bath. For skin rash do this twice daily for 7 - 10 days.

  • Natural cures for skin rash #5: Juice away skin rash Mix a glass of apple, grape, pineapple and carrot juice to make a skin healing juice. Drink at room temperature 20 - 30 minutes before meals.

  • Natural cures for skin rash #6: Many metals in jewelry contain nickel which is a common skin allergy. If you find you are allergic to nickel, (as roughly 10 % of us are), then the best solution is to get metal jewelry that does not contain this metal. If you have a favorite piece you just can`t part with, one idea is to use clear fingernail polish on the area that will touch your skin. This is only a temporary solution, but provided you only occasionally wear that piece, it may be a good solution for you.

  • Natural cures for skin rash # 7: Can tapioca help make skin more supple? Well...not tapioca, but Yucca the plant used to make tapioca can. This vegetable, while little known in the west is none the less the second largest vegetable crop in the world after potatoes. This vegetable is full of iron and a good source of vitamin C. This plant can even be placed in a blender until fine and placed in the bath for a muscle soothing, skin rejuvenating bath.
For those with an open mind and a little adventure in their souls... we suggest trying urine therapy. While for many of you this will seem totally out there... the truth is this therapy has been well studied in Japan... it is one of the oldest documented natural remedies... and is currently used around the world by tens of millions of people. Just follow the link above to learn more.
Your skin is often the first warning bell to illness.

Often we only pay attention to our skin for reasons of vanity, but this important organ can tell us a lot about what is happening internally if we will only listen to it. If you happen across a patch of poison ivy or oak then this is just a temporary problem. But if you are suffering with chronic problems and rashes of the skin then we need to find out it`s cause. The above suggestions are great home remedies to get you going, but to achieve total health remember that the key is to eat more fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds along with fish and sea vegetation.

Meditate , do daily deep breathing and actively practice a spiritual faith of your choosing. Take the extra time to relieve stress, by listening to soothing music, enjoying nature and taking long refreshing baths rather then hurried showers that remove healthy skin oils and do nothing for the body, mind, spirit connection. Learn to use essential oils not only topically on skin, but as aromatherapy to soothe the body, mind and soul. Add some exercise and stretching to get more oxygen in the body and to get your blood moving. When we have a rash it is often the body trying to rid itself of toxins. Look to do a complete body detox as part of your natural cures for skin rash.

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