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Old home remedies are still the preferred choice in many parts of the world as they are natural, easily available and are often less costly then pharmaceuticals or over the counter medications.

It is often viewed by those in the most successful, industrialized nations that home health remedies are relics of the past and have little use in today`s modern world.

But I want to suggest that these natural cures should be the first thing we should try when encountering everyday health issues. It should be what we seek as a long term solution to reaching a state of health as well.
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By getting back in tune with nature and rediscovering the wisdom of the past by using old home remedies, you will find that Mother Nature still rules, when it comes to being healthy!

How is it that I can say that folk remedies should be your first and your long term solution when modern medicine has powerful chemicals that you can take? Allopathic medicine absolutely has an important place in the world.

When you have an emergency situation or you have reached a point where immediate assistance is needed for some problem, such as a car accident, heart attack, etc., a modern medical facility and doctor should be where you go. But doctors only know how to deal with illness or injury.

By using old home remedies and learning about natural solutions and folk remedies, you can achieve health.

Modern medicine, doctors and pharmacology are all about treating illness. Natural solutions and home health remedies are about becoming healthy. I have never met anyone on medication that is healthy, have you?
Only sick people take medication(s).

herbs and spices old home remedies

On the other hand, I know many people that take herbs, eat fruits, vegetables and fish, exercise, meditate and practice their particular spiritual or religious faiths, that are super healthy!

Some home health remedies are very powerful and fast acting. Others take a few weeks to a few months before you feel their affects. But this is because natural old home remedies work in tune with Mother Nature. Nature rarely builds quickly.

For many of you reading this, you have been eating processed foods with chemicals and completely unnatural substances as your primary sources of foods. Then when you have a problem you run to the local Super-Center and get your drugs of choice... pain killers, sleeping pills, cold medicine, etc.

 You overload your system with all this junk and then you wonder why you`re sick. Then you go to the doctor who is all to happy to write you a prescription so that you can put yet more unnatural chemicals in your body.

Sometimes drugs are the best medicine, but often mother nature has just what you need. Try some of these old home remedies and decide for yourself.

Try these old home remedies

by tamakisono
umeboshi old home remedies
Umeboshi is an ancient remedy of for heartburn, helps relieve hangovers and aids the body in digestion of food and asimilation of nutrients and much more.
Some say an umeboshi a day will keep the doctor away. Learn more about this and other old home remedies at...
Top 40 Healthy Food List

by sagamiono
baking soda old home remedies
Baking Soda uses are much more then for baking and helping keep the fridge smelling good. Learn how this inexpensive product can relieve itching from mosquito bites and poison ivy, whiten teeth and even help relieve pain and itching of hemorrhoids. This and much more at...
 Baking soda uses

by calliope
garlic herbal treatment
Garlic is one of the most ancient old home remedies. It has been loved and hated since recorded time. Learn how this ancient remedy can help lower blood pressure, fight candida and even eliminate yeast infections. This and many other herbs at...
Herbal Treatment

by 9467714@N03
tea, pee and urine therapy
Cup of Pee anyone? No not tea.... pee! Is it shocking to think of drinking ones on pee? Maybe... but this is one of the oldest home remedies. It is used by some of the longest living people in the world such as yogi`s, Tibeten Monks and millions of others around the world. Before you just discount this ancient home health remedy read more at...       Drink Urine

by aroberts
apple cider vinegar cures
Apple Cider vinegar cures are great natural remedies for many ills. Learn how this vinegar can aid in weight loss, fight dandruff, acne and constipation and much more.
This is one of the great home health remedies you need to know about. Learn more at...
Apple Cider Vinegar cures

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