Parsley Uses go far beyond just a pretty garnish!

Parsley uses are far under utilized natural remedies for many severe conditions. This powerful herb can knock out garlic breath cold; is so high in several vitamins, minerals, flavanoids and other nutritional components that it can be used as a stand alone supplement; and can help with several of today`s leading chronic conditions.

Pasley was a symbol of strength in ancient Greek folklore. This herb is enjoyed around the world as an addition to fresh salad and as a breath freshener, but is most often used as a garnish and tossed away at the end of the meal. This is too bad, as it can freshen breath far better then mint, and is packed full of nutrition.

Get your ACE in the whole with Parsley
Parsley is high in vitamins A, C, E along with being a good source of iron, calcium, folate and flavanoids. One cup a day of this herb gives you a full days supply of Vitamin C and almost 25% of the B vitamin Folate.

Oil your joints to reduce cramping

It`s volitile oil reduces cramps and flatulence and is useful for arthritis. It is a powerful herb for chronic bad breath and the best herbal breath freshener for garlic breath.

Listed in the U.S. Pharmacopea
Until the late 1920`s this herb was listed by main stream medicine for conditions of the kidneys, diarrhea and for the treatment of malaria. While parsley may have been delegated to sprucing up the look of a plate that is otherwise dull in color, this special herb should be given much more respect and use.

We highly recommend that you learn more about parsley uses and include them on a regular basis into meals. Illness is often an imbalance of the body, mind and spirit. To gain balance we recommend eating more whole foods and fish along with exercise, meditation and actively practicing a spiritual faith of your choosing.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Make the remedies on this site your first step to being more healthy.

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