Razor Burn Remedies!

Razor Burn Remedies are coooool...

Cucumbers and Avocado Puree
Cucumber has long been a home remedy for skin issues. Blend cucumber and avocado together in a blender and apply on irritated skin.

Aloe Vera
This natural gel is very useful for many skin issues including as one of the natural razor burn cures.

Alternate between electric and hand razor
Use each razor on alternate days and after you have used the hand razor 3 times change to a new one.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Instead of an after shave which has alcohol that will dry your skin try apple cider vinegar.

It will burn on application just as the after shave does, but the nutritional components help the skin and if you have a fungal issue that is causing your condition it will clean it up.

People are often surprised to find their irritated skin is not from shaving but from bacteria or fungus. This will clear that condition.

  • When ever possible give your skin a break by not shaving that day. Taking care of your skin that you shave also means taking care of your skin. Eat whole foods that have the nutrition to keep skin at it`s best.

  • As one of your regimens for razor burn, drink 8 or 10 glass`s of water everyday. I know many of you want one or two specific remedies for the condition. We gave you some up top. But please remember if you are suffering with routine razor burn then there is more going on then just shaving.

    If we don`t choose a healthy lifestyle then our skin will be less and less able to protect and heal itself and the end result will be more burns and rashes.

  • Massage is one of the great razor burn remedies. By massaging the face or other area`s being shaved it helps get the blood moving in that area. Sometimes if skin is irritated the blood will stagnate in that area. By getting it moving again fresh nutrition can come and help heal the skin.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Why not make these home remedies your first step to better health.

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