Spiritual Remedies are often the best cure for today`s chronic illness!

Spiritual Remedies are more important then you think. Because even if you do everything else right, but forget to heal your spirit you will never realize full and complete health.

For many the mere mention of spirituality or even worse... "World religions"... will send many running... not walking, before you can even finish your sentence. For others a sense of outrage begins to well up inside. So before you get too excited, let me assure you that I am not going to tell you what faith or spiritual practices you must do.

I am going to strongly suggest that there is some source from which all things originate from... and I choose to call that source, God. Whether you believe in the big bang therory of science, evolution or intellegent design you still have to ask from what was the start of things.

Did nothing suddenly become something and explode into everthing? Is this logical? If not, then we must believe that even the big bang happened from some original energy source that had always existed.

This source I call God... others might say Krisna, Allah, Alpha and Omega, Amen Ra, Heavenly Father, Universal life force and perhaps you have yet another name. Science may be more comfortable thinking of it as Original energy since most of science sees everthings most basic element as energy, but it still goes back to my original point.

I am further going to strongly suggest that if you have been turned off in the past from spirituality or religion... because of what ever reason... that you begin to look at the many different paths there are to practice faith. If you will step forward and start looking, God will reveal himself to you in a way that you can understand and relate to.

Practicing spiritual remedies and developing a relationship with God along with prayer, meditation and other practices will prove to be every bit as effective as any other remedy on this site.

Using spiritual remedies with the use of healing crystals to tap ancient energy or meditation techniques to tap into universal consciousnous or practicing prayer to speak directly with the creator will bring increadible healing. But to take advantage of spiritual remedies you must first exercise faith.

For some of you you may believe that faith is just a bunch of non-sense. I suggest Creation was founded on the principle of give and take action. One must give first through the action of faith before God or the universe can begin to work it`s magic. Even Einstein taught that nothing happens until something moves. You move with faith and God will respond.

When you combine the power of mind and spirit over the body, the body will have no choice but to heal. Start your journey and start praciticing spiritual remedies today. Remember the warriors creed..... "He who conquers himself is indeed the greatest warrior of all!"

Learn about the power of love, the principle of living for the sake of others. Discover why it is so important that you learn to accept yourself. Learn why forgiveness of yourself and others is so important. Discover the truth about forgiveness.... hint.. it is for you. Learn how marriage is the school of love and how that love can heal not only you, but the world.

Look for our future discussions on these topics or start your own by visiting our community board and tell us how spiritual remedies have healed you.

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