The Unification Church and its veiws on healthy living

The Unification Church a path to Health, Peace and Family.

This religious movement was founded in the 1950`s by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. The foundation of the Church is Christianity and it infuses Christian beliefs with Confucius philosophy, Buddhism, and Taoism. Along with the Christian Bible, their primary Holy Book is the Divine Principle. Given to the Rev. Moon through spiritual revelation during a nine year long period of meditation.

unification church founder in meditation
While highly controversial, the Unification Church and its founder have over a half a century of rich traditions and is by far the most successful new religion while the founder is still alive that has ever existed.

While religions like Buddhism, Islam and Christianity have all gone on to be highly successful religious movements with millions of followers all around the world, that wasn`t until after hundreds of years after the founders deaths.

During the life of Jesus, Muhammad, Siddhartha Gautama, they had followers numbering in the hundreds or thousands and all in localized regions of their teachings. But the Unification Church has an estimated 3 million active members and many more that are associated with the movement through its many Peace initiatives, United Nations associations and other organizations.

The Church has followers in over 179 countries, Seminaries in America and Korea, Business`s all over the world, sports teams in martial arts and soccer, a World class Ballet as well as hospitals and more.

The Rev Sun Myung Moon sets a living example and testament for his followers by living a life of discipline, hard work, prayer, service to others, and healthy living that is rarely matched by even his highest leaders, most dedicated followers or closes associates.

Perhaps the closes to walk in his footsteps is one of his sons, Hyun Jin Moon who holds a black belt in martial arts, a PhD from Harvard University in Buddhism and a Masters of Divinity from Catholic Seminary and is now been handed the responsibility of leading this massive Organization by his father.

In 2004 Rev. Sun Myung Moon was presented with the "King of Peace" award at the American Senate building by Senators and Congressmen of both the Republican and Democratic Parties due to his many Humanitarian pursuits and his relentless fight against the travesties of Communism. In the 1980`s U.S. President Ronald Regan is paraphrased as saying, " with the help of the Washington Times, in the former U.S.S.R. (Russia), communism rule has come to an end".

The Washington Times is the second largest news paper in Washington D.C. and is often praised by the likes of Presidents Nixon, Regan, and both Bush`s and often quoted by such media personalities as Russ Limbaugh and others and is owned by the Unification Church.

The Church doesn`t just support healthy living but tries to lead the way with the establishment of its martial arts and soccer teams along with its world class Ballet and International Hospitals that combine the latest, most sophisticated technologies and modern medicine with the highest quality Natural, Holistic medical and Spiritual care.

Perhaps the first International Hospitals to combine the highest quality of all three of these important modalities. The Church believes strongly in getting the youth involved in sports, music and dance as a way to insure life long habits of physical and mental fitness.

Daily spiritual practices, prayer, meditation, hard work, sexual abstinence before marriage are all seen as practices that will bring a state of harmonized balance between body, mind and spirit. One of the most fundamental teachings of the Unification Church is that of family.

This Religion teaches the health of an individual, family, community, nation and world begins with-in the foundation of family. If the family unit is whole and complete then each individual will be positively affected. If the family unit is broken, each individual will be negatively affected. We can see this in everyday life in many places of the world.

As more and more people start thinking only about themselves and more and more families are broken and dis-functional we see ever increasing affects of chronic illness`s from stress related disorders, depression and many others.

The leader of the Unification Church, The Rev Moon even now at the age of 90 gets up every morning and begins his day at 4 a.m. with morning prayer followed by stretching and exercise, then a healthy breakfast.

That is amazing for a man that endured years of torture and starvation in North Korean Death camps during the Korean war. He continues to actively lead his world wide organizations.

The primary teachings of the Unification Church that relate to healthy living and home remedies are:

  • Daily communion with God through prayer and meditation.
  • Hard work
  • Live in the sake of others.
  • Family is the cornerstone of all area`s of health.
  • The Unification Church leader sets as an example of daily exercise and stretching for good health along with daily prayer and meditation.
  • As reported by several elder members, the leader supports urine therapy, natural organic whole food, deep seawater fish and sea vegetation and herbs as primary care of physical health.
  • The Unification Church believes in the meditative practice of deep sea fishing and believes that a return to the ocean, where all life began is important to health. To support this belief the Unification Church started True World Foods which now supplies 90% of all sushi bars and seafood restaurants in America.

All founders of religious faiths from Jesus to Mohammad to the Rev Sun Myung Moon were all considered controversial in their day. Those that feel threatened by this movement try to discredit, shame and dishonor the leader just as those in the days of Jesus and Gautama tried to discredit them.

The Rev. Sun Myung Moon has lived a life of sacrifice for the sake of others and for God. Along with other world religions the Unification Church deserves its rightful place as a welcomed movement for the health and well being of mankind.

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