Urine Therapy, the p`energy of life and longevity!

Experience the Power of Dasai Cola! Urine therapy for the liquid of life and youth.

Cup of pee anyone? No, not tea, pee. Could pee really be the great elixir of life, youth and vitality?

Called by some, ( Dasai Cola), after Morarji Dasai the former prime minister of India. Mr. Dasai lived to just a few months shy of 100 years old, and said on a televised interview that the reason for his long life and good health was due to urine therapy and his drinking eight ounces of his own urine every morning as described in the Hindu religious text and followed by many yoga masters for thousands of years.

It is easy to discount urine therapy until you realize that there is overwhelming anecdotal evidence along with a surprising amount of scientific studies. Renowned Institutes in India, China, Japan, Italy, Greece and even Germany and America have found strong evidence to support the use of urine therapy.

When some Japanese doctors were attending a medical conference in America and were questioned about this urotherapy, they found it surprising that it would be so easily rejected by that group with all the case studies which they had carefully participated in.

Urine therapy has been practiced for as long as any kind of written records have been kept. There are writings over 5,000 years old eluding to the benefits of drinking ones own urine. In almost every culture throughout history mankind has used urine therapy at one time or another.

In early Roman times, urine was so valuable that it was taxed and public places were erected in city squares for people to benefit from and contribute to urine troughs. During the eighteenth century in Europe, they used urine therapy to build and maintain health, cure asthma, relieve skin itching and rashes, gum disease and even whiten teeth.

An infant while still in its mother`s womb drinks and even breathes their own urine in from the amniotic fluid in which they live. It is estimated that an infant will drink and breath in a liter or more a day of its own urine in the last few months of being in the womb.

If urine is so terrible for us then how is it that mother nature made it so that at the time of greatest growth and development in its mother`s womb, that a baby would consume a liter or more of its own urine a day? Or is it that urine is so good and healthy for us that mother nature in God`s design of creation made us to drink this life giving fluid so that we would each grow into a healthy, fully developed baby? That same baby after birth will go on to drink another bodily fluid made by it`s mother in the form of mother`s milk.

Some still believe that urine is a waste product and therefore should be avoided. But science has long known this not to be true. Your stomach first breaks down the food and digest it where it then enters the blood stream and travels to the liver and the liver detoxifies the blood and removes poisons, foreign chemicals, etc. and secretes them into the gall bladder for removal with bile movements or defecation.

After the blood is detoxed by the liver it flows to the kidneys. The kidneys organizes all the vital substances from the blood and filters out excess water, hormones, enzymes, anti-bodies, minerals, vitamins and so forth. This fluid forms what we call urine. The kidneys then puts some of this back into the blood and the rest is passed as pee.

When you pee, 93% of that liquid is purified, crystallized water and 3% is urea. The remaining 4% is made up of the following vitamins, minerals and hormones: ascorbic acid(vitamin C), amino acids, bicarbonate, calcium, cysteine, DHEA, folic acid, glycine, iodine, magnesium, Dopamine, glucose, potassium, tryptophan, zinc, vitamins B6 and 12, creatine, manganese, nitrogen, proteins, anti-bodies along with genetic and organ information that can be read by sensors in your body to tell the immune system where your body needs the most work and where its healthy and doesn`t need as much attention.

In an optimally healthy person, its possible that this is excess that is unnecessary, but even then, nature has normal processes for recycling and this may be a natural way to insure health.

Urine is nothing more than a blood product. Plasma, white blood cells and many other blood products are used when for some reason our body doesn`t have enough of that component. In fact, the medical term for urine is "Plasma Ultra"... interesting don`t you think?

Most of us are not in optimal health. By drinking your own urine you are reintroducing many of the necessary components to good health. The difference now is the components are already organized into a form that is readily available to the body without further processing.

Most of us because of poor diet, lack of exercise, excess fat, stress, environmental conditions, etc have developed a body that does not absorb nutrients in an optimal way. We often pass needed nutrients in our urine because our bodies cannot absorb them quickly enough in its current condition, so the body believes those nutrients are excess and therefore passes them when we pee.

With the use of urine therapy we reintroduce these precious nutrients and other biological information to the body in a readily absorb able state. Urine therapy contains an exact holographic image of body fluids, tissues and organ information. This information is read by sensors in the body much like a computer reads computer code.

Hormones, another component of pee are also ready for use by the body. Hormones are incredibly complex and take a lot of energy to make by the body. For those that chose to drink urine, many will find there moods level, there skin clears and they can think more clearly because their hormones level out in a balanced, healthy way.

Many of you have likely read material saying why you should not use urine therapy. As the authors of this site are not doctors and have no special training, we do suggest that you seek out a natural health care professional that is familiar with urine therapy and get their advice before beginning.

All information on this site, (while factual to the best of our knowledge), is stated as opinion, (not fact), of the authors or those who write in with their stories and based on our own experiences and understandings. That said, we do want to address the many reports that say there is no evidence to support the usefulness of this therapy.

In America, one Dr.  who was formerly a professor at one College of Medicine, founded a Research Institute. He found "peptides" in the blood which he later found to have anti-cancer properties. He then went on to find that these peptides were also in urine.

Through great research which included working with a Japanese Institute, he began using a therapy protocol that included urine therapy. For several years he had great success treating cancer patients and after an astounding year in the 1980`s he was asked to do a television interview on a major network. On this nationally televised program he ridiculed mainstream medicine and pharmacology for being to rigid and profit driven to make use of such therapies that had little or no monetary value but that had great therapeutic value to the patient.

Soon after that interview he was attacked by the government and brought up on serious charges. Every couple of years they would bring up new charges and every time he would win the court cases. One of the biggest reasons for his victories in court was that the government would accuse him of making unsubstantiated claims, but he would then bring hundreds of patients that would testify how they were helped and even cured. Because of the many testimonies he won every time. But had he lost, he could have been sent to prison for many years. If he had been found guilty of even one of the charges he would have lost his license to practice and would have been forced to shut down.

Finally after more than a decade of battling the government they stopped bringing charges, but only after depleting the DR. of all his savings. It took years to recover from that. But he is only one story among many. And it is not only the government in America. In Europe some have been attacked and all over the world there is a general sense of shame just to talk about this therapy.

E.V. Danoplulas, a Professor of Internal Medicine in Athens, Greece used urine therapy successfully for the treatment of liver cancer and prevention of the development of secondary tumors. With such success he was delighted to publish the results of his many case studies. To his great surprise he was immediately ridiculed and discredited and eventually was forced into retirement.

Dr. Ryoichi Nakao of Japan who was trained as a M.D. both in the west and the east was severely reprimanded and ridiculed by his colleagues for his insistence on the efficacy of urine therapy. In Japan a prevailing business practice is based on the saying, "the nail that sticks up will be hammered down".

Dr. Nakao M.D. was a big nail that stuck way up and every attempt was made to hammer him down. The medical establishment tried to discredit and shame him,(honor is of great importance in Japanese culture and to shame ones honor is very serious). But Dr. Nakao didn`t give in to the attacks and went on to be the founder of "The Miracle Cup of Liquid Institute".

This research institute went on to have thousands of successful case studies in the treatment of cancer and other serious illness`s. Dr. Nakao`s efforts were finally recognized, and in 1996 the World Conference of Urine Therapy was established. Men and women of medicine and science from around the world who explore the many uses of urine therapy come together every three years to share and compare results.

People like Dr. Ryoichi Nakao and Dr. Ryosuke Kimura M.D. who have helped numerous patients through "The Miracle Cup of Liquid Institute" in Japan continues to mount up the evidence of the efficacy of this therapy. More than two million Japanese follow urine therapy by drinking half a liter to one liter or more of their own urine everyday.

Dr. John Wynhousen of the U.S.A. lost his license to practice for advocating to drink urine, but chose to continue advocating this practice because of the profound results he witnessed. Dr. Schaller of France, and Dr. Lutz Riedel of Germany are just a few more examples of real people of medicine and science using this therapy. Also through Institutes in India, China and even in Europe and America more and more is being learned about the uses of urine.

Already, pharmaceutical companies are using the urea in urine for expensive anti-aging creams in Europe and is a common component is the newest brands of anti-aging cosmetics. In America many components are used in anti- blood clotting drugs and cancer treatment drugs.

Melatonin now out sells aspirin in some parts of the U.S.A. and is a plentiful component in morning urine. An Italian pharmaceutical company isolated urea a major component in urine which is now used in "perganal", a major fertility drug that has close to a billion dollars a year in sales.

Urokinase is an enzyme found in urine and scientist found that this enzyme strengthens the blood stream and coronary arteries. Now the pharmaceutical companies make a synthetic form of this enzyme and markets it as a great creation of modern medicine and a miracle blood clot dis- solver for unblocking coronary arteries. Did they make it better... or was there another motive involved,($$$)?

Even though the natural and synthetic compounds that mimic the natural compounds are used in such drugs, these companies will still say that urine is either totally bad for you or at the least has no clinical use. But then if you had a business that you could make billions and billions of dollars from the sales of a synthetic patented chemical or tell a patient that they can drink their own pee for free, which would you do?

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