Vaginitis and Natural Cures!

Vaginitis can be remedied naturally... learn how.

Vaginal infection is suffered by an estimated 75% of all women. There are many causes and types of infections related to this condition. Menopause, child birth, antibiotics, impaired immune function and even stress can cause a vaginal imbalance which leads to infection or inflammation.

One of the first questions often asked is what is the difference between bacterial vaginitis and a yeast infection. A yeast infection is one form of this condition if the out break is located in or around the vagina. Yeast infections can break out elsewhere, such as the mouth, toenails and fingernails.

Bacterial infections of the vagina have other causes such as inflammation, other forms of bacteria, etc. So the most important thing to understand is that vaginitis is a condition of the vagina. Excess yeast is only one of those conditions.

  • Probiotics are very useful for many forms of this condition. In the west yogurt with live cultures is the most recommended fermented food for this remedy. However, for those who are familiar with this site know, we feel dairy is not the best choice of food. Asia has a long history of fermented foods that have probiotics useful in remedying this condition. Kimchi, natto, miso paste and tempeh are among some of the best choices. In addition to being delicious, we believe they are great not only for protection against vaginal infection, but a whole host of health benefits.
  • Organic apple cider vinegar with mother is another great natural remedy for vaginitis. Begin each morning with 2 teaspoons in eight ounces of water. If you find you have a yeast infection you can also apply this vinegar externally to the vaginal area.

  • Garlic is a natural antifungal and antibacterial that has many health bringing qualities. Try to include more of this food in your weekly diet. Experiment with different ways of preparing until you find ways that are comfortable for you to include this life giving food. You can also apply this externally. To get the most out of garlic whether eating or applying externally you need to either chew or grate it so that the fluid from inside comes out which has the healthy benefits. For those that just can`t eat the food you can supplement or try a combination of eating and supplementing since real food has other components that work with each other that you don`t find in supplements.

  • Try Aromatherapy for a relaxing remedy for vaginitis. Combine the oils Myrrh, Lavender and Tea tree to your bath. All three are antifungals. Tea tree can help fight infections. In addition to using lavender in the bath I recommend using a diffuser with lavender in it while bathing. Stress often contributes to this and other conditions and lavender aromatherapy is a great aid for relaxation.

  • As an herbal treatment try calendula. You can get this in a salve or make your own. It can relieve irritation and itching. This herbal remedy can also be used as an infusion. Vaginitis is often caused from inflammation and calendula is a natural anti-inflammatory.

  • For a Native American remedy try Goldenseal. This herb is a natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Many knowledgeable in this area agree that this herb is excellent for conditions affecting the eyes, intestines, nose and vagina. Using a diluted infusion as a douche can be very effective for some forms of vaginitis. For internal use take 800 - 1000 milligrams daily in capsule form. Break the total dosage into 2 or 3 doses during the day. You can also take this in tincture form with water two or three times daily. Please consult your herbalist about how to prepare these.

Remember that all illness is an imbalance of body, mind and spirit. To regain balance we recommend eating more whole foods, fish and sea vegetation. Meditate and practice daily deep breathing. Actively practice a spiritual faith of your choosing.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Make the home remedies on this site your first step to a healthier lifestyle.

Bacterial vaginitis is a painful, smelly condition, but can be treated effectively with natural home remedies!

Yeast infections can be effectively treated with natural home remedies!

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